Deadman Wonderland : Hummingbird

Episode 6

“Hamingu Bādo”(ハミング・バード)

So Ganta won his first match, something seriously is up with Shiro who seems to be a Deadman too, and Yo is looking for someone. The coolest guy in the series lost his eye and did we even see Makina? I think we did briefly but she seems to not be that important right now.

Its gone from being a interesting concept in a prison that kills off prisoners for the entertainment of people who doesn’t realise its real to a illegal fighting ring with people who have special powers to control their blood. The horror is there, just fleeting, and the characters need a bucket load of developing which they just won’t be getting.

Still it keeps me watching.

So this I loved.

We meet Minatsuki. At first she’s like the lovely, butter wouldn’t melt female version of Ganta that I’ve so far been happy we haven’t seen. Ganta saves her from a guy that seems to have had his mouth split open and is very hungry and seems to eat just about anything. She has a similar kind of story to Ganta in that she doesn’t truly belong where she is as what she did she did from self defense and all that and we soon learn that she’s the next person to have to fight Ganta.

Woodpecker vs Hummingbird.

What we then see is what I’ve been waiting for. The synopsis for this anime that I read talked about inmates that were psychotic and sadistic, who would rather kill you then look at you, but so far we’ve had a few bullies and we’ve had Senji who gets all embarrassed by women and looks like a real sweetie, but we haven’t really had anyone you’d think would be in a prison and happy to kill other people.

When Hummingbirds personality switches a total 180 we get that character.

Turns out that she became a bit of a psychotic bitch after her mum left her in the middle of a earthquake, she gets off on hurting other people and has the foulest of mouths. I instantly loved her, I kind of hope there is no redemption for her, like I don’t mind if she kind of gets better but I don’t want this to be like some split personality shit and the good girl wins over the bitch.

Reason I say this is its also unveiled that she’s Yo’s sister and the only reason he’s in the prison to begin with. He’s trying to get enough Cast Points to buy her freedom and get her out of that place. She doesn’t fucking care one iota which made me love her AND Yo more because he also doesn’t give a fuck that she doesn’t give a fuck. She’s just totally crazy.

Of course we then get the do-gooder speech from Ganta which once again for me ruined his character that little bit more, if he was just the do-gooder then fine but he’s also meant to be the kind of guy ready to kill someone for revenge so it doesn’t really make sense, and he puts her out with a headbutt.

Episode was not only fantastic because it actually gave us a character that you could really take as a bad guy, because Senji just couldn’t be, but because it kind of stuck Ganta to one character trait, that of the hero, and forgot a little of the I WANT REVENGE GRRR guy. He didn’t need to use his power in the end to fully beat her, doing so with a headbutt, and I loved that he gave her a speech but she didn’t fucking care about it and was pissed she’d been beaten by a headbutt.

All in all the episode really got me pumped.

Specially as it seems whatever is going on has been going on for Shiro and Ganta for a long time. Now the lullaby has stopped it seems the Shiro we knew is gone. I KNEW there was something scary underneath the comic relief. Again it was kind of quickly done, she went from being comedic to the creepy to passed out to waking up creepily BUT it makes her a little more interesting.

At this point the only person not interesting is Ganta.

Poor Woodpecker.


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