Sally Face Episodes 1-3

So we haven’t really done much when it comes to the films this season but I have been playing some horror games on Steam and the first one is possibly one of the biggest surprises I’ve had in my life.

The first game was Sally Face.

It is a incomplete game at the moment with more episodes to be released but even the first 3 will give youΒ  at least 4 hours of game play and it is well worth the money.

Sally Face is a exciting story of a boy called Sal who moves into a new building after some tragedy to both him… And the apartment. Every episode unravels a different part of a very deep and troubling story but more then that it introduces you to a really strange group of kids who get mixed up in everything.

Sal is a mystery himself, Sally Face is a mean nickname he was given before the game and ends up being the name they give him in his later life. His mother has died in a grizzly way, he has freakin’ weird as hell dreams that we have to go through, and something at some point happened to his face. The rest of the cast of characters are colourful but handled in such a sweet way.

Honestly for a Horror Game I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bunch of messed up characters given more love.

For example his friend Larry who lives with his mum in the basement of the apartment. His mum is the handiwoman of the building and is one of the nicest characters you meet, whether or not she ends up being different from that I don’t know, and Larry could easily have been that rocker, loner that gets in people’s faces with a backstory including a dad that possibly has just walked out on him. He isn’t though. He accepts Sal right from the beginning, he sticks up for Sal and by the third episode they even have a photo of Sal, Larry and Larry’s mum up in their living room (nice little touches like that make this game so good) and he follows Sal even though half the time Sal’s stories of what is going on are mental.

A character that would usually be a stereotypical “bad boy” ended up being a giant softie that genuinely bonds with a messed up kid like Sal.

Then there is the neighbour David.

He isn’t a major part of the story but out of all the adults I feel he is the most likely NOT to be in on anything. He’s a druggy but he’s sweet, friendly and even gives Sal a warning when he thinks he might be on drugs not to follow his path. Whilst the animation on him makes him look gross as hell you lose that “urgh druggy” feel the more you talk to him and just see him as a poor guy that is a bit messed up. Like the majority of characters.

What I loved about Sally Face though away from the story and the characters is the fact that it actually made me jump a few times. I’m not easy to freak out but some of the moments I’ve gone through have actually managed to make me jump. It really actually works so well, and I feel even those who don’t like horror will be so enthralled with the world that they have built and the story slowly being told to us all that you will get over the jumpy bits and just dig your feet in to complete it.

Game play is simplistic, the controls are easy and you’ll pick it up fast. You move side to side interacting with items using the F or Space key, solving simple puzzles in small settings which aren’t that hard but challenging enough that it keeps the game from feeling like just a interactive story book.

There are some moments where the game play changes, including playing simple old fashioned maze games, again it helps break up the story but the end of Episode 2 did drag a whole deal even though it is actually telling a very important story.

Honestly couldn’t recommend this game more, it has been one of the best games I’ve ever played, so well thought out with great game play, wonderful characters, a creepy and growing story as well as being absolutely beautiful to watch.

Really think it is a great game to play over the Halloween season but also just a great story overall.


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