Deadman Wonderland : Carrion Festival (Carnival Corpse)

Episode 5

“Shiniku-sai (Kānibaru Kōpusu)”(死肉祭(カーニバル・コープス))

We now know all about the Deadman and what is actually going on behind the scenes in Deadman Wonderland. In fact we know more then Makina which makes her seem like even more of a innocent, yet sadistic bitch.

I haven’t mentioned how much I like Makina recently or her English voice actress, because I’m watching the dub, but she’s pretty awesome as far as the characters in this show goes.

Another mystery, that of Shiro and Ganta’s friendship and past, is thrown at us whilst we slowly learn about Deadman’s powers. Ganta obviously doesn’t really get that he’s fighting with his blood and at first just throws it out at Senji who uses his experience to dodge it all and wear him out.

Through all this Shiro is telling Yo about Ganta. He is just a plain old protagonist and a absolute bore at that. He’s weak but he “always gets up again” and its his determination that makes him strong. As Shiro is telling us that we see him defeat Senji which actually kind of pissed me off. As you can tell I just don’t like Ganta and I’ve never liked characters like that. It also is all mixed in with my dislike of him being kind of two different personalities. One the crazy “I WANNA KILL PEOPLE TO REVENGE MY FRIENDS” guy and the other a sniffling little shit. He’s like Deku out of My Hero Academia just he has a mean streak that just makes no sense.

And before people jump on me and say revenge doesn’t need to HE ISN’T REALLY FULL OF VENGEFUL FEELINGS! It doesn’t consume him, we haven’t seen him develop even the smallest bit to truly care about him. At times he’s just a normal kid in a shitty position but still being pretty normal, the next he’s meant to be this bad ass. I just don’t like him.

After the match Senji loses his right eye in another part of the series that would be horrific if they gave it proper time to make it so. The imagery of the doctor pulling out his eye and him screaming is terrifying but its rushed so that the feeling of terror doesn’t really settle. Its like not long after that Shiro breaks into G Block to get Ganta and help Yo find whoever he’s looking for, they have creepy assed music playing, the music that Red Man had playing just before he attacked Ganta’s classroom, but they don’t use it to its absolute fullest extent.

Saying that at this point I realise I’m much more attached to it then I thought I would be. Its still the same characters that I love and properly looking at the end credits just made me so much more interested in what could be coming. I just hope that it ends well.


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