Deadman Wonderland : Crow Claw

Episode 4

“Kurō Kurō”(クロウ・クロウ)

The series kind of speeds along. We have three kind of main characters in Ganta, Shiro and Yo. Of all of them the only one I care for is Yo whilst Shiro is interesting and Ganta bores me. We have the big mystery of what Tamaki is up to in the prison but personally for me I don’t really care. I liked the concept of the prison, but its moved on from that, and I like one character, who is the most normal of the characters.

Still its kind of got me hooked….

We get more mysteries and we also get a new character that I already love more then Ganta but am extremely worried about just becoming not that important. Hopefully I’ll be wrong but the anime doesn’t really give me much hope.

One big thing that we learn is that this power that Ganta has, the one that the Red Man has given him, isn’t just something him and the Red Man have in common. People who hold this power are called Deadman.

The thing is I would have very much preferred for this to all have been explained in episode 2 or just not made up like a mystery. For a character that is meant to be innocent and sweet Ganta is so hell bent on killing the Red Man, his character doesn’t seem to be fully stable. On one hand he’s a revenge riddled foul mouthed crazy person and the next he’s a sniveling child. Again it doesn’t help that he’s then forced to watch death matches and people dying like he was being brainwashed moments after he demanded to be given someone to kill.

Honestly the series would probably be a lot more interesting if they just had a really powerless wimp or a over confident ass hole as the main character. If Shiro or Yo were the main characters I can see it being much more interesting. Ganta hasn’t been given the time to really develop from poor little kid that has been framed to someone who would be able to fight and kill others. I get that they are using the fact he wants revenge to motivate him but at the same time its so fleeting, he isn’t really consumed with that need to kill and it just make shim a weak main character.

The Deadmen and what they do kind of feels like a cock fight. You know, everything that happens at the prison is like Ninja Warrior and the prison hides the fact that the people dying actually die but the Deadman are used in actual fights to the death for private viewing. Makina knows nothing about it by the looks of it has to be something probably illegal and very much for rich people or something. Just the way Tamaki went about telling Ganta about it and the secretiveness of G block points to that.

I don’t really want to see Senji die so I’m not really gonna be happy if it is a fight to the death in the next episode but I’m not holding my breath for anything. It seems set on just building up more mysteries and annoying things before Ganta gets his hands on the Red Man, or Wretched Egg.

Man its so annoying because its so interesting but it just rushes through things and I just want to let some of the horror actually settle into us. It rushes through so much that it loses any of its dramatic tension. If I had to watch it weekly I’d have been bored of it by now. I just want it to give me a moment and have it actually make me feel something for any of the characters. Death for the sake of death and gore just because you label something as horror isn’t what makes a good horror series. You need to actually take a moment to bask in the horror of the situation, something we’ve been denied because its so hell bent on rushing forward into the deepest and darkest pits of this mysterious prison. Its stripping away everything that makes it horrorfic and at the forefront of its painfully unhorrorlike speed run is a character who could die in the next episode and it wouldn’t really change anything.

It makes me so angry.


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