Island : I Got To See You Again

Recursion 1

“Mata Aeta na Omae to” (マタアエタナオマエト)

We’re back to time travel and time travel is what we’re going to have to deal with right now…

So we… Go back to the future?

The one our Setsuna is from…

Well he is our Setsuna because Rinne found him in the chamber…

Where he calls Rinne his sister and she calls him brother, she acts more of a child then our Rinne yet they are in love?

And she’s a genius that seemingly makes the time travel machine?

The world is shitty on the Island because they have basically decided to keep themselves to themselves and are running out of rations and electricity.

Karen is also younger and is stealing food as part of the untagged whilst we have the big boobed Sara who is trying to help people and not a sex pest.

THIS, this was all more interesting then anything that has gone on before and I don’t care for the mysteries that this has now sorted for us I think this should have been the opening episode. I think they should have ripped apart all the bullshit and started with this instead of being confusing and talking a load of bollocks for so long. They never really went anywhere with the Setsuna mystery having him live a almost normal life for episodes on end instead of reminding us that something was going on. Because of that I just didn’t care for him and it was hard to see why I should care ever about them but I liked this episode.

I still think it would be better if we got away from all the boob stuff as well as the need to have them in relationships or all of them wanting to sleep with Setsuna, not only that but the guy is still presented as being much older then all the characters he’s trying to sleep with.

Let’s face it I don’t like this kind of thing and never have. Anna is much more forgiving of weird things like this then me, hence why she reviews things like this more then me, for me it just isn’t needed and I get that it is a big part of Visual Novels, something you don’t HAVE to do but is there and a lot of people like it, but I just think its ruined the series as a whole. I mean it didn’t have much to ruin anyway as it was a pretty shit story with really annoying characters but it still ruined what little of it I could muster to care for.

Having Karen, who looked MUCH younger throughout the episode, stand there in her underwear ranting at Setsuna… I just stopped watching.

Again I get that it is something that just happens, I don’t usually get so annoyed with it, but this series is so bad I can’t over look it.

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