Happy Sugar Life : Happy Sugar Life [END]

12th Life (Final Life?)

“Happī Shugā Raifu” (ハッピーシュガーライフ)

If this review is a bit of a mess I apologise completely and I’ll try to put my real feelings overall into a final thoughts blog, which I am 100% going to do right after this.

We’ve got to the end. What will happen?

Well what happened was that Shio is so broken by her past and so “fixed” by her future that she doesn’t care who Asahi is, she doesn’t care what is going on in life, she’d rather jump off a building and die then be anywhere but without Satou.

Taiyou has been raped once more, he’s going to be broken beyond repair that is for sure. The Aunt is being blamed for everything which she seems to do out of love. Teacher has been arrested and about time too.

Satou dies as Shio flings herself at her and forces them both off the roof of the apartment which at this point is so badly on fire it is unbelievable. Shio is left with the love from Satou inside her and turns her back on pretty much the world.

Which angers me and upsets me in equal measures.

It angers me because she’s too young to really understand anything and because of Satou being the way she was she’s now turned her back on the entire world including her brother who spent five years being tortured to save her. Satou killed a bunch of people to cover her own back and keep a kidnapped little girl hidden from the world but Asahi was tortured daily for her to be free. Sure what the mother did was shitty but the mum also then went back to the family house and actually poisoned the dad to save them all from him. Shio is too young to get the intricate details of all this but is too far gone with… Stockholm Syndrome? Maybe not but something close to really ever be able to be a normal functioning human.

Why it isn’t Stockholm Syndrome is because Satou didn’t really do anything to brain wash her, she’s just too young.

Thing is the happy ending, which we were never going to get, was these kids turning to each other for love and support and Shio having a loving unit looking after her. As I said I think Satou never loved her in a romantic way and Shio didn’t love her in a romantic way but both are too immature and too broken to know the difference in types of love. Satou loved the fact she was giving the parental love she craved to someone else, Shio replaced her mum who was broken beyond repair with someone who WANTED Shio to save her. Both loved each other because the thing they wanted the most was being received by the other.

Now Satou is gone and Shio doesn’t need anything else because she’ll keep that love inside her…

Meaning no one got a happy ending.

Satou is dead for that love, she deserved to be trialed for her crimes but instead she just died. Is that worse? I don’t know.

Asahi will never get his little sister back and spent 5 years of his life being completely destroyed by his dad for nothing.

Taiyou is just going to suffer.

It was a sad ending but also a frustrating one because… Well it just was. How couldn’t it be? You put all this time and effort into the characters and in the end nothing gets better. Sure I like that we didn’t get a happy ending but I’m also too invested in characters to see them just thrown aside. I would have liked someone to have been able to point out to Shio that she was wrong, to Satou that she was wrong. I would of bloody well liked it if Asahi had mentioned that he’d been bloody tortured for 5 years so that Shio could escape that fate, if she loves Satou for all she did for her in a short period of time surely she can find some love for Asahi after 5 years of torture?

I think I’m just pissed that Asahi got a shitty ending.

It wasn’t even just a bad one. He kind of has to give up on fighting for Shio, then Shio jumps off the roof just for him to think he gets a second chance because now Satou is out of the picture but then she totally rejects him and he has to see that lingering ghost in Shio’s eyes of Satou. That is heartbreaking. Not only that but the only person capable of loving him now, Shouko, is dead. He has nothing. He did the right thing, was brave and courageous for 5 years and in the end was probably the person who ended up worse off.

Just a sad, sad ending.

Overall though it was good so there is that to it. Perfect ending I guess for the series. Well done.

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