Deadman Wonderland : G Block

Episode 3

“Jī tō”(G棟)

Having a look at how the prison works was a pretty scary thing. I’m happy Yo ended up not taking part because we probably would have lost him, guessing now that was no luck but actually planned.

Ganta needs to sort his shit out if he wants to survive. I’m guessing he does but we’ll have to see how he does it.

So we don’t get much of a break. You don’t get to see another game or anything else we just go straight into Ganta and the Red Man. Turns out the Red Man is being called something called the Wretched Egg and it breaks out and attacks Ganta but he was able to fight him off.

I don’t know….

It feels like the story itself is going really fast. As we’re only three episodes in its obvious that this isn’t going to end soon but I kind of wanted to see a few more games and stuff before we start going into things like the Red Man. it just makes little sense at the moment and I’m still trying to get used to the surroundings when they are trying to throw me into a mystery within a mystery. I don’t really care about the Red Man or Ganta’s hatred of him right now, I just want to get to know the characters and see the horrors of the prison. Not only that but later in the episode Ganta has a moment when Shira gets pissy about him not thinking of her like a friend and announces that he has two friends and you have to laugh because he’s been there 3 days but to us it feels like he’s been there a afternoon and why would he be friends with two people he hardly knows?! It just sped past too fast.

Instead Makina gets pissed after the Red Man attacks and sends a robot to attack Ganta, at this point Ganta is looking for G Block which is where one of the other prisoners heard that he was being kept.

How fast it is going really is my main problem. The first episode was probably the best paced but it was boring. The second wanted to force Ganta into acceptance and show off the horrors of the prison which was fine when you then thought you’d get to see the three obvious main characters and the prison a little more in the coming episodes. NOW though we’re back to the original mystery of the Red Man, which is all tied into the prison itself, go figure, and characters acting irrational just for the shits and giggles.

I guess not really though because Makina has pretty much from the beginning been ready to kill anyone who annoys her but it is still slightly annoying. I’m hoping this story is fulfilling enough that its worth just rushing forward into new drama every episode without really giving the audience a chance to care about the characters. Yo and Shiro are two characters I really want to get to know, Ganta personally I think is too far gone for me to care and I just like that the Red Man is a crazy psycho that I don’t want the mystery spoiled.



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