Deadman Wonderland : Antidote (Candy)

Episode 2

“Gedokuzai (Kyandi)”(解毒剤 (キャンディ))

I wasn’t overly impressed with the first episode but as I’ve picked it I’ll keep going with it.

Ganta is a young dude who has been framed for the massacre of his classmates. He’s gone to Deadman Wonderland, a prison that doubles over as a amazement park, to serve his sentence. There are still rules and needs of the prison we haven’t really been told about yet but it isn’t going to be easy for him, though the Red Man who actually DID kill his whole class seems to have given him some sort of special power…

This was very much more of what I was hoping for, in that morbid way that I am. We learn much more about the prison which is just the craziest thing ever and very much earns the anime its place in the horror genre.

To survive every 3 days you need to eat a bit of candy. Everything, including the candy, can be bought by Cast Points, the form of currency in the prison. To get Cast Points you need to go out and do some of the activities, in this one Ganta and Shiro go to the Dog Race. Its like a giant obstacle race but deadly. It basically kills off a whole bunch of the prisoners that are in it.

Shiro is kind of great at everything, she just kind of happily gets through it all. I’m not sure what Shiro is but she brings a lot of comic relief to the show and looks kind of scary to get on the wrong side of. Ganta comes face to face with another, scarier, inmate Kasumasa who is very much just a dick head. By the end of the episode it seems that Ganta and Shiro are the only two left alive though neither win the Dog Race as they drop the ball when Shiro falls and Ganta goes to save her.

Enjoyed the Dog Race but I kind of muted Ganta in my head. He seems to be stop starty, one moment he knows what he HAS to do, the next he’s moaning about something. Its like he’s half already into the game and what he has to do but half not sure still which is really annoying. I kind of want him to be full in or not at all not half and half. Shiro doesn’t help I guess because she kind of just stumbles around making him do things which doesn’t give him enough time to come to terms with himself really.

Its Yo now that I love. He’s the guy that bumped into Ganta in episode one and I’m guessing Makina attacked him for stealing Ganta’s candy in his survival pack? Or did he end up finding it because I’m pretty sure that is going to be what it is. He isn’t a good guy by any means, he seems to be working with the guy in charge though he does also seem nice enough. I’m guessing, and this is a wild stab in the dark, that he’s possibly just not very good at the games and stuff, I mean he seems kind of weak and weak willed as well as just naturally weak, so maybe he’s getting candies for reporting on Ganta. The guy in charge is pretty much in the know about the thing the Red Man implanted into Ganta and he’s experimenting with him so yeah.

If Ganta shut up and we just got to see him do things it would be much more enjoyable, as it is I quite enjoyed the episode and think it has a lot of potential now we’ve seen what Ganta is actually up to. I don’t think I’ll ever like him but there is a mystery and a dark vibe from Shiro that will be interesting and I’m just in love with Yo so I want to see more of him. Plus Makina again comes across as a bitch but not evil, if you get what I mean, and I’d quite like to see what her role will be later in the series.

Wish the first episode was condensed into a montage and put on the beginning of this episode because this one actually was pretty good.


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