10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Second film in the Cloverfield Franchise see’s a completely different concept in a movie as vastly different from the first as you can get with similar ideas playing out…

With a much smaller cast headed by John Goodman, 10 Cloverfield Lane is not what you probably expect.

Its hard to talk about the film without wanting to give away a few too many twists to it and I wouldn’t want anyone, even 2 years after its release to stumble on here and be ruined.

Whilst Cloverfield was a found footage film and used that concept really well this was much more of a close quarters kind of thing with a core cast of three people. You don’t know what is happening outside their little world, just rumours and ideas, but inside a whole bunch of different mysteries are being unraveled.

You’ll love it for different reasons from the first. Whilst the first was breathtaking and made you sit on the edge of your seat whilst escaping a giant monster, the monsters in 10 Cloverfield Lane aren’t so easy to understand. You start off on the edge of your seat but the middle of the film is there to unsettle you and you lose yourself to the characters and the situation before it dramatically turns again.

Personally I found Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) difficult to follow as a main character. I don’t know why as I understand completely why waking up a prisoner would make you never trust the man who did that to you. It was just something about her that I never liked which made me spend half the film hoping that she was wrong and Howard (John Goodman) was actually exactly what he said he was.

That was good for me though as I spent the whole film waiting for it to tie someway into Cloverfield so shouting at Michelle being so paranoid all the time helped as by the middle of the film I’d forgotten about Cloverfield and when she started to relax a little so did I.

Like the first film it really was the cast that made it as good as it was. Visually its a brilliant movie just like Cloverfield but they picked the perfect cast to make you just care so much about what was happening. Specially in this setting. I mean the first film didn’t have a giant cast, you followed a handful of people, but moving away from found footage it was so important to have the right people to make the film feel as claustrophobic as possible.

It actually probably was just that little bit better then the original film.

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