Deadman Wonderland : Death Row Inmate

Episode 1


We’ve always tried our hardest when it comes to the wonderful month of October to bring you fun things as much as possible. As fans of horror movies and blood and gore, beat ’em ups and jump scares its easy for us to find things to talk about in our most favourite of months.

This year we’re also going to be doing something fun. Our Anime Flashbacks focusing on horror anime’s and for me that means Deadman Wonderland.

When I find true horror and psychological thriller anime’s I’m always very happy. This one was a bit meh to begin with. The main character wasn’t particularly interesting and I didn’t see why I should care about him or the fact he was very obviously being framed. Whilst the massacre of his classmates was artistically very moving and the faked confession was grotesque to listen to it wasn’t like Makoto from Danganronpa where you cared about the character instantly. Even Shiro was kind of meh to begin with.

It was Makina that made the best first impression by just being a absolute fucking bitch. You kind of want to see some psychotic characters very fast in these kind of things especially when the main characters are pretty boring. I’m not sure I’d say she was the worst person in the episode though, she’s outwardly mean and cruel whereas there are some characters that you can only just start to think what they are actually up to. Its the ones that look like they aren’t evil that are the worst.

Not a bad episode though. It kind of made you care about the world that you were in. The prison itself is interesting but you haven’t really seen it yet and I can’t wait to actually see it. The inmates all seem to be pretty creepy as hell, there is something about candy and them having to eat it if they want to survive. Its just a very mysterious world at this moment but the only thing I really don’t care about is Ganta or the mystery surrounding him.

I feel I’m the kind of person who always misses the importance of characters but when they are so drippy like Ganta its hard to care. Its a interesting world but he isn’t a interesting protaganist.

Dunno if I’d say it was something I’d watch if I was watching in real time to be honest. Kind of a OK-ish first episode but nothing special.


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