Overlord III : Massacre

Chapter 12

“Dai Gyakusatsu”(大虐殺)

It is time for the battle to begin and it seems that the Kingdom is overly confident not having seen the army of Ainz Ooal Gown yet.

There is no battle obviously and Ainz doesn’t give two damns about the lives that he is about to massacre.

The Empire know that to get people on side he must show them the power of Ainz, the fact that Ainz does this and nearly wipes out the entire Kingdom’s army I guess is a double win for Jircniv, his enemies lay slain and everyone now knows the unbeatable power of his partner.

Actually what I found so sad is that Ainz doesn’t have any empathy anymore. He didn’t really to begin with but a lot of that isn’t because he is a skeleton but because he doesn’t view this as a real world. He looks at it as a Player and when he see’s no one is a Player in this world he see’s them as mere NPC’s that he can murder at will just to show off. Thing is what WE the audience have been subjected too is a lot of world building proving that these guys might be NPC’s in another game that he’s been transported too but they are also people with families, feelings and all the rest of things that make them human. Ainz has lost his humanity not because he has lost his human form, not because he’s become disconnected from his humanity itself but because he is unable to feel empathy for what he see’s as computer characters. At no point during this entire thing does he think maybe they are just humans, maybe his character has been transported to another world, maybe he should view these people as human as he is and he might point to it being because he has lost his human body and whatever MAKES us human but it isn’t that at all. The fact he is able to think about things the way he does shows that his humanity is there, he just see’s it as another game world to conquer instead of a world of people.

It is the normal faces from the Kingdom that kind of saves the day. Brain, Gazef and Climb all stick around to the end of the battle where Ainz tries to recruit Gazef who out of pride and loyalty instead challenges Ainz to a duel.  They are three characters you want to see survive and see out whatever is happening right to the end. Their characters are pretty fleshed out, their stories are interesting and they can be big players in a rebellion against Ainz.

As Ainz is the protagonist you’d think we’d be on his side but I feel the anime is allowing you to see that actually he really is the bad guy now, he is the big boss at the end of a game, he is the special quest/raid you need to get a million people to join to help fight. You shouldn’t be hoping he wins over people like Gazef who is a strong warrior doing his best for the Kingdom, or Brain who is interesting and does the right thing when needs be, or Climb who you want to see not only survive this shit but the crazy shit the Princess has in store for him. Those characters are rounded, decent and people you want to see succeed.


He wants to find people who might have been trapped in this game too.

Thing is none of his guild even bothered visiting their old guild house before the game switched off other then that one dude so why would they have been trapped? Why would anyone have been trapped? If he isn’t looking for a way out surely he should be looking to build a life there and sure being a powerful leader is a good start to that but if he kills everything in his path then what is left for him?

I feel he doesn’t really feel or anything in reality, that him making excuses for himself is just trying to rationalize his real emotions. It is OK for people to be cold, unemotional and unempathetic, maybe that is why he was so obsessed with the game in the first place. Feelings of being unable to join normal society and somewhere he could mock feeling like a “normal” person but in reality he was just hiding behind his persona.

It wasn’t a nice side of Ainz though it is one we’ve seen before and I’ve shrugged it off. It is hard to shrug off a massacre though.

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