Lucha Underground S4E16 : Kill Mil

With a name like Kill Mil I worry for the big teddy bear of Lucha Underground Mil Muertes…


So we got a wonderful letter from Antonio that Matt Striker read out which is pretty much the recap we just got from Matt Striker anyway. The point of it though was to announce the main event which is a Number 1 Contender match between Mil Muertes, King Cuerno, Pentagon Dark and Dragon Azteca, Jr. Why we needed a letter read out for that I don’t know.

Winner : Matanza Cueto

So Jack Evans wants to quit and Antonio tells him he can quit and go home if he can beat his next opponent, if he can’t beat him then he won’t be leaving at all anyway because he’ll become the next sacrifice to the Gods.

As most of Jacks stuff it was unique in that Jack ran away from Matanza before he got out, usually the Monster runs on from the side but in true horror movie Monster ways he ended up coming out of the elevator door behind Jack, loved when Jack ran down the stairs and Antonio tripped him up.

It was actually pretty cool as a match and I feel for Jack a little bit, he used the top ring buckle being ripped off to his advantage and gets a two count before losing. I’m going to miss Evans and it is sad seeing that he had a really good showing against Matanza but that is what happens when you get cocky.

Another body sacrificed to the Gods.

Winners : The Reptile Tribe

Before we start and before the match started I guess the next contenders for the belts showed up, the Rabbit Tribe are here and Paul London introduces El Bunny and the White Rabbit. I’m sad Salatador and Mele aren’t there. Why does there only have to be three bunnies at one point?

I absolutely LOVE the Reptile Tribe’s entrance music, I also have fallen in love with Daga this season as well as continue to love Jeremiah Snake. The Reptiles have been amazing all season long even with their changes.

Unfortunately from the beginning they were outsmarted by Joey Ryan of all people who reversed the double team from Snake and Moon and used it to have all three members take each other out.

In fact the thrown together trio of Ive, Ryan and Lishus was actually really good, they had great chemistry and worked really well together. They seemed to have the Reptile’s number throughout the match and even Kobra Moon’s head games just didn’t work on someone like Joey Ryan.

There was a great moment where XO faked out of a dive so that Ive could do a cannonball from the side before actually flying over for a big cross body himself and it was just honestly a beautiful moment of team work.

Unfortunately just after that Daga got dragged into the ring for the finishing touches just for him to reverse the pin attempt and hook in a submission. Sad times for Ive, Joey and XO but even sadder is that moments after the champions left the Rabbit Tribe attacked, El Bunny actually kicking ass before they lined them up on the bottom rope to be screamed at by the White Rabbit. I really love the White Rabbit but it was also a bit weird.

Winner : Jake Strong

So they try their hardest to double team Jake Strong which works at times but not for long, Strong is named so because he’s big and strong obviously so two small Luchadores, no matter how talented or legendary, aren’t going to be too much trouble for him.

There were some great moments and it wasn’t all Strong all the time, some decent reversals like Aerostar jumping onto the ladder from a powerbomb attempt to run away from Strong, some horrible looking moments like Drago being chucked unceremoniously into the chairs and Aerostar being dropped from the balcony. All it ever did was make Jake Strong look like a bad ass who could take on anyone at any point, no matter how many people there is, and just destroy them.

After we got Drago and Aerostar having a little flurry Strong was able to separate them again and get a ankle lock on Aerostar who tapped, Aerostar was saved by Drago who instead had his ankle broken by Strong.

Good match.

Winner : Pentagon Dark

It was a very slow match. It also wasn’t the most interesting of matches.

There were two people getting involved, Fenix showed up to harass Melissa so Dragon took him out and ended up leaving to beat up on Fenix some more, then later on Mack came out to attack Mil which gave Pentagon the win really.

It was also a uninspiring winner though I guess it was a popular one.

Just felt like the match plodded along and there wasn’t really anything interesting happening at all, it never really went up the notch to make it interesting in any way shape or form and there wasn’t any big moments. King Cuerno is probably the one that I enjoyed most in it but even he seemed to wander in to do one move before disappearing again.

After the match Mack told Mil that he won’t be fighting for the championship at Ultimo Lucha but he will be facing Mack in a death match.

THAT I look forward too, their Haunted House match was superb and I love both Mil and Mack.

Pentagon vs Marty… Meh, I guess we would have got it one way or the other as Pentagon deserves a chance to face Marty again. Kind of would have preferred to see King Cuerno to be honest, would have loved the story of Cuerno hunting the Moth Tribe or something like that.

Uninspiring end to the night which actually was fantastic.

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