Island : Love me When We Meet Again

Stage 8

“Mata Aetara Aishite ne” (またあえたらあいしてね)

So more confusing stuff and here we are. On the Island.

Again this whole thing just skips so much. There is no point trying to understand anything.

So lets spell out a little of what they seem to be getting at.

Karen’s mum was working on something before she died, it seems to point to the story of the Islands love triangle thing being true and that whatever it was that she was looking into meaning it needed Setsuna and Rinne to come together at some point as Rinne in the story gave her life and Setsuna gave his time to be together.

Setsuna in this time period is apparently from the future. He doesn’t really know if that is true or not but that is how he feels. He is unable to save Rinne as after they spend some time on this Island that they were travelling to in the last episode Rinne dies.

This time period Rinne knew a guy called Setsuna and they lived on this random Island together for a while before he found a stasis chamber in a random underground lair of some sort and stuck Rinne in it, Rinne’s mother found her five years later and brought her back, Rinne’s memories were wiped. She went back to the Island to find the original Setsuna just to find out he had died, she was happy to die so the new Setsuna could live. Just like the prophecy.

The rest of the characters mean very little to the plot, they just tend to know more then what they should about things that make no sense. We can forget about Karen and Sara because they just aren’t important.

After Rinne died travelling back to the main Island Kuon, her mother, takes Setsuna from the present back to Karen’s mum’s lab were he finds out all about the stasis chamber and how they think a witch in the future knows how to travel back in time, because they couldn’t figure out how a primitive society could be more technically efficient then them so time travel is the obvious one to go for, so Setsuna sacrifices his time for the ability to go into the future, go back in time and save THIS Rinne.

Convoluted. Pointless. Drivel.

I don’t believe that Setsuna cares one iota for Rinne, I don’t think Rinne cares one iota for Setsuna. They are named after characters in a story, Rinne by her family who are obsessed with it and Setsuna by Rinne herself. I don’t buy it therefore as they are the only two characters that matter I don’t care for it.

I like Karen, away from the sex jokes I like Sara, I like Kuon and the villagers, I like the Island and its stories and things like that.

The problem when we get to Setsuna and Rinne is that their story changes from being about one thing to another in a blink of a eye. One moment we’re going on about time travel, just for us to be told time travel is impossible, just for us to be told it isn’t, just for it to be unimportant, just for them about to send someone into the future to do so.

And for what?

For some bullshit story that is going to end up being true which is god damn awful and seen a adult man want to have a relationship with a 17 year old kid.

SURE she SHOULD be 23 but she isn’t.

SHE also was in love with someone else and named a random guy who looked like him the same thing.

Now he MIGHT go back in time and she MIGHT end up on that Island with him and all this happens all over again just for him to turn around and say something to her that makes her fall in love with the him she finds on the beach instead of feeling guilty for leaving him behind. They damn well made the Setsuna on the beach look at lot like this Setsuna and it is obviously going back to the time travel stuff even though most of the season has forgotten all about it.

I just feel like I’m wasting my life trying to understand it at all.

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