Inu x Boku SS : Don’t Think

Episode 6

“Kangaeru yori mo” (考えるよりも)

We’ve met so many weirdo’s that live in this house or just show up saying they live there and leave again its about time we got to know some of the ones that have been there from the beginning but we don’t really know so well.

In other words Karuta.

She’s a little weird, she eats a lot and walks around in a daze. We know that Watanuki likes her and he even gets beat up for sticking up for her but other then that we don’t really know what is going on in her head.

It isn’t really important though because the most important thing is that she’s just open and happy to be open and that means that whether Ririchiyo likes it or not she’s got a instant friend ESPECIALLY when she feeds Karuta. It also means that Karuta forces Ririchiyo to understand things about herself that she just can’t.

For example Karuta is pretty open about her feelings for Watanuki even if she doesn’t come out and say I love him. Her story about trying to save the cat even though it didn’t want her help was purely because it was a small animal that needed help a little like Watanuki at times. They’ve known each other apparently since they were kids which means that she would have known that the others picked on him and his Tanuki form will make him a easy target.

Her story makes Ririchiyo come to terms with her irregular heartbeat though she still looks at it logically and instead of ,just admitting she has feelings for Soshi she decides that actually she was sexually attracted to him due to puberty and being saved by him.

Later in the episode we actually get a super cool fight as a nure-onna appears and attacks Ririchiyo and Watanuki. I mean it is over pretty fast as Ririchiyo is like super OP but there was a cute moment as the nure-onna revives itself when they have their backs turned and throws them out of the window just for Karuta to save them including the real Watanuki as he had created a lot of versions of himself.

Plus I want to say that Natsume continues to be my favourite part of any episode as well as the now custom endings that started as far as I can tell with Natsume and this week was for Karuta.

It was also nice just to see Karuta get a skill as well. Cooking is pretty important.

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