Happy Sugar Life : An Eternal Moment with You

11th Life

“Eien no Isshun o, Anata to.” (永遠の一瞬を、貴方と。)

It feels like we are coming to a abrupt end with this one.

My feelings about what is going on are mixed as you can guess but more then that I’m just overly confused about everything.

Again there are a lot of things going on in this episode that trying to talk about what is going on or even explain how I feel about them is just going to get confusing.

At the heart of the episode is a fight over who has the correct definition of love. Satou looks for something sweet whilst her aunt looks for something sour, neither are right neither are wrong but both are stood at logger heads. Satou knows she needs her aunt to help her escape with Shio but she isn’t going to let that need for help give her aunt the ability to laud anything over her. Satou believes her aunt taught her the wrong lessons about love whilst her aunt believes Satou is just a child and can’t do anything without a adult.

The truth is both of them are wrong.

Love is seriously difficult to explain, it isn’t something that everyone feels the same way about but a lot of what both Satou and her aunt feels is more primal then love. They are needy, obsessive, envious and jealous. Both are trying to fill their lives with love but neither are actually doing that. Neither are finding someone they can spend their lives with even in a platonic way, not one thing about what either of them are doing is healthy or correct. Satou is filling her need for parental love with a mixed feeling of sexual and parental love for Shio, she probably doesn’t know it but she’s trying to put both her need for someone to be the parent her aunt never was and her ideology that she wants a partner in her life on a little girl. Her aunt is a sadist so she puts her sexual need into other people’s hands and enjoys seeing their pleasure, it isn’t love so much as sexual fulfillment but neither are able to see that.

Shio again is looking for paternal love. Her dad was abusive, she hardly remembers her brother and her mum was broken beyond repair after escaping with Shio, she was abandoned and turned to the first person who showed her kindness and is replacing that need for a mother with whatever it is Satou, the adult, is going to replace it with because she doesn’t know better.

Asahi is looking for his family, he knew what love is and he suffered greatly for that love but when he was able to go look for it again he found it broken and scattered. Trying to get those pieces back together is all he can see and it no longer is about love it is about forcing the broken pieces of his life together so that he can try and regain the purpose he just spent years of his life being tortured for.

Then you have Taiyou, what he is looking for isn’t even love. It isn’t even a sexual thing. His mental health is below rock bottom and he’s looking for someone just to tell him he didn’t do anything wrong. Shio is a kid, she isn’t jaded or damaged as far as Taiyou knows so he see’s her as someone that can purify him, he doesn’t need purifying he needed someone to tell him that it is OK for him to be hurt and OK for him to talk about what happened to him and that what happened isn’t his fault. He’s suffering from trauma like most of the characters are.

Add all this together and the debate between Satou and her aunt, which wasn’t much of a debate or discussion and more neither of them listening to the other one, turns into a sad look at what all the characters in this show are going through.

Sure Satou has killed two people, gouged the eyes out of another and done many harmful things to many people, in a horrible way she’s the root of what happened to Taiyou even though she’s not to blame for it, she’s the continued pain and suffering for Asahi even though she’s also possibly the only reason he has a sister to look for, even though all this is true she’s still a kid that lost her parents and was left with someone unfit to look after a child. Mentally she was abused even if her aunt didn’t really abuse her in any way, she had to look at the world through a twisted lens and never truly was given any kind of comfort or love a kid should have whilst growing up. It affects people in different ways and this is the way it has ended up making Satou. She’s in the wrong for everything she’s done and now she plans on setting fire to a room in a apartment building, which is probably going to lead to more deaths, and running away with a minor.

In the end though it doesn’t matter.

The Aunt decides to help, not really out of love for Satou or even a care for her but because in her twisted world she likes to see people struggling and fighting, she even gets her claws into Taiyou which is only going to be a bad end for that young man. Satou comes up with a plan to escape with Shio, one that maybe only Asahi can now stop but he has no idea where she lives or how to find her and he was relying on Taiyou who had no intention of helping him even after being threatened.

Only one more person can really do much and that is the teacher if he gets wind that she’s leaving.

They will either escape and make a new life or burn in flames. I’m kind of anxious about seeing which ending they’ll get.

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