Lucha Underground S4E15 : The Hunted

We know that Fenix has turned evil and that Marty has a chance at the Gift of the Gods championship belt so it’ll be scary to see what the world of Lucha Underground looks like going forward.

Winner : Fenix

Well Aerostar is the reason why Fenix is back and probably the reason that Fenix is how he is so it makes sense that he’s going to get his butt kicked by Fenix in his first match as Dark Fenix. Evil Fenix. Zombified Fenix. Whichever you like the most.

Whilst the match was still fast, Fenix did a great job of putting his fast paced offense into a much more hard hitting and violent, disrespectful fighting style including big kicks, punches and just things to hurt Aerostar. Winning wasn’t the most important thing for him as we saw when he went for a pin, stopped it at a one count just to lay in on Aerostar some more. There was a determination in Fenix just to hurt him.

Again every story, every character is so important in Lucha Underground and it is rare for them to miss the point. Whilst the wrestling content is always so high, whilst it is amazing to watch and so unique compared to some of the wrestling you’ll watch it really is the stories and the characters that make you tune in week in and week out. Fenix has elevated himself to one of the most interesting characters with the most ferocious character, his anger that seems to be pointed at Melissa and his inability to even contemplate I guess human emotions anymore. Just from how he has changed up his wrestling style, little moments like walking past Melissa at ring side and turning to look at her and just drooling over Aerostar at the end of the match makes him the most interesting guy on Lucha Underground right now.

Dragon comes down to save Melissa again which incurs the wraith of Fenix, loving the Black Fire Driver and it does not look good on Dragon for his match next against the craziest of crazy, Mr Marty Martinez.

Winner : Marty “The Moth” Martinez

After being threatened with his title being taken off him through forfeit Dragon stood on his feet and said no way, got back in the ring after taking that Driver from Fenix and went toe-to-toe with Marty Martinez.

I mean what do you expect to have happened next?

Marty was able to take control right away, he had the weight advantage anyway his hits and kicks were always going to be a problem for Dragon who would have had to use his speed to run rings around Marty but he had just been dropped on his head so he wasn’t going to be fully with it anyway.

Dragon gave it a lot of heart but in the end he just couldn’t defeat Marty. We have a new Gift of the God champion.


I dunno if it is a good thing or not but Paul London is showing the White Rabbit the way to the temple. I guess that is something we have to look forward to next week. I can’t wait.

Winner : Pentagon Dark

It was a really strong match, three very different styles and a very decent match overall.

I dunno personally I didn’t really think it worked, I got a little bored but I don’t know why. They tried to take Mil out first which was smart, that didn’t work, Mil went for Pentagon’s mask at one point and each of them looked like they were going to murder the other but it just didn’t work for me.

It felt very short and to the point and if I’m honest I didn’t see Pentagon winning it, he wasn’t as dominate or as confident I guess as we usually see him. I don’t think any of them really stole the show, none of them really shone and I can’t really remember much of what happened throughout the match and I’m writing it just as the match ended.

Why was it strong then?

Because it was forgettable but I still watched it. The three guys are too talented and for what it was it was good. I think it was a bit of a let down compared to how we got here with Mil and Cuerno trying to kill each other but it is what it is.

After the match Marty came out and attacked Pentagon, Antonio came out and reversed the rules for the Gift of the Gods championship so Marty could challenge right away which he did.

Winner : Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Not really a match.

Marty beat the hell out of Pentagon, Pentagon showed his heart as a champion and didn’t give up, he didn’t really have much offense because he’d just had a match and then obviously been attacked from behind by Marty but when it looked like he was getting the upper hand some random woman showed up and attacked Pentagon whilst Marty and the ref were on the outside which won Marty the belt.

It has taken till episode 15 for Pentagon Dark to lose his belt but lose it he did.

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