Lucha Underground S4E14 : Pet Cemetery

I honestly don’t think anything in the world will beat last weeks opening with Catrina and Melissa.

Winner : Dragon Azteca, Jr.

Early advantage went to Ivelisse who used her speed to not allow Dragon to even start, it didn’t last long with Ivelisse allowing Dragon to get his breath back on the outside, she didn’t keep the pressure on and Dragon was able to take control of the match.

It slowed down from its hectic beginning, even when Ivelisse came back it wasn’t as hectic and there were a few good submission spots. What I DIDN’T like was the arm drag from the ropes from Dragon, it was a pointless and horrible looking move, but it was followed by Dragon coming off the top rope and hitting his head on the metal handrail on the outside. It was the first time I thought maybe Ivelisse might win the match, again though she took too long and between pins in ring she took too long to continue putting pressure on Dragon which allowed him to get some sense back into him.

Dragon won but Ivelisse was the star of the match.


I like this team, I love the idea of these three together. They are going to go after the Trios Championship which makes me happy. It is the weirdest trio… I mean anything that involves Ryan is weird but I love it.

Winner : Double DQ

So we find out that these two will fight to see who will face Pentagon Dark next week.

I like Mil Muertes a lot. I love that a lot of his matches take place in the centre of the ring due to him getting his power from the seal, he looks like a badass even when he loses. At some points he seemed distracted, turning his back on Cuerno and giving Cuerno time to get his breath back.

In the end it turned into a competition of blows, they started just hitting each other in the ring before Cuerno took Muertes to the outside and then that was it. Punch after punch, Cuerno taking it to Mil and not even the ref could get in the way, the two of them shoved him out of the way and just continued which earned them a double DQ. Not that they cared.

I really loved it, I like it when the hatred you have of someone gets in the way and even the bell ringing and Antonio coming out didn’t really stop the two from just ending up beating the hell out of each other on the stairs. It was fantastic and both of them were given the chance to fight Penta so next week it’ll be a three way.

After the announcement the fight continued as Penta came out to watch the two of them just beat the hell out of each other. Loved it. Really loved it.

Winners : 

Before the Reptile Tribe came out Jake Strong did to announce that if Drago and Aerostar win with Fenix then he’ll take them on by himself next week because we all know that real wrestlers, like Jake Strong, will beat a Luchadore.

Storytelling wise it was wonderful. We have the story of Fenix being brought back but right from the start you knew it wasn’t Fenix. Last week when Aerostar brought him back you could see that he was distant and not the normal Fenix, this week he came out all in black and to be honest acted more like a reptile then a bird, he wasn’t really IN the match and was either on the floor or crouched in the corner.

It was a fantastic match as well, so many different styles as well as so many different personalities along with the stories being told. Was non-stop and to be honest also confusing as the Reptiles never seemed to ever have less then two people in the ring.

Poor Melissa though.


So Marty is back up and flashing his cash. He wants the shot that Mariposa had at the Gift of the Gods championship belt, now I look forward to that match.

I know I probably say this a lot in LU but I love Marty.

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