Lucha Underground S4E13 : The Circle of Life

The wedding was destroyed so I’m guessing with Johnny Mundo being thrown through a table of tacos he will NOT be facing Pentagon this week for the title which is sad.

So sad.


This has to be my favourite opening of this season.

Catrina walks out on Mil just to find a pissed off Melissa waiting for her. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen mainly because I love Melissa so loved that she got to be a bad ass and kick Catrina’s ass, of course Catrina gave as good, if not a little better, back but it was just so cool.

With Catrina dangling off the edge of a building it looked like Melissa might turn to the dark side and kill her opponent, I mean she went there TO kill her but I still don’t think she would have had the heart, thankfully she didn’t have to worry about it as Mil came and shoved Catrina off with the wonderfully delivered “Something to remember me by” the line Catrina just moments ago delivered to him whilst giving him the stone that he gave back to her.

After all the madness Aerostar turns up telling Melissa he needs the necklace that Fenix gave to Catrina that Catrina gave to Melissa after sucking his life force out. We find out that Aerostar brought Fenix back just after Catrina sucked his life force out and he brings Fenix back to Melissa.

Winner : Matanza Cueto

Again like most of these matches Joey was able to do much more damage to the Monster then anyone before him which makes no sense seeing you’d think he’d be getting stronger with sacrifices. But no. Joey Wrestling was actually able to get a lot of offense in even if he didn’t actually get very far.

After the longest Sacrifice to the Gods match so far Matanza was able to get the win and sacrifice Joey Wrestling on his debut in Lucha Underground.

Winner : Killshot

Big Bad Steve and Brenda were a great double act for a start and Son of Havoc at ringside eating popcorn was wonderful.

Have to admit that I thought that the match would be faster and more one sided, we haven’t seen much of Steve so far, he’s mainly been there for the sake of being there, but he actually is a fantastic wrestler and had a lot of momentum in the match. Killshot was cocky and distracted and Steve was able to capitalize on that for a bit before Killshot finally found a opening and got back in charge.

Killshot has one of the best double foot stomps in wrestling that is for sure.

After the match Brenda helped Steve out and Killshot got in Son of Havoc’s face. It ended in a bit of a brawl where Son of Havoc took Killshots mask by accident which is obviously going to just make everything worse between the two.

Totally on Son of Havoc’s side.

Winner : Pentagon Dark

So obviously Johnny Mundo isn’t going to be able to fight Pentagon so someone has to fight Pentagon instead and for some reason Hernandez is the one to step up to the challenge.

It isn’t a match I ever wanted to see and it is one I’ll probably forget very fast, never been a fan of Hernandez and it was just boring for me.

Pentagon had a lot of the match in his hands as you’d expect, he used his speed and uniqueness to counter a lot of what the much bigger built Hernandez tried to hit him with, it felt like the match went on forever but it didn’t really and it wasn’t surprising that Pentagon won.

He didn’t get to break Hernandez arm again though as Cuerno came down and hit him with a Thrill of the Kill on top of the belt, on top of the seal, telling everyone in the world with his actions that he wants a title belt. Shouldn’t he be more worried about this gauntlet that he apparently doesn’t know where it is because he gave it to someone.

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