Lucha Underground S4E12 : Til Death Do Us Part

We have made it to Johnny and Taya’s wedding! Let us hope the day will be full of bliss for both.


So all the guys are stood around in lovely green suits waiting for the wedding. Joey Wrestling shows up to be Johnny’s best man and there is plenty of picking on Ricky which isn’t going to bode well for the wedding later on by the sounds of the dolly.

Winner : Jake Strong

There was a lot of talk of Drago maybe having a upper hand being a smaller wrestler, being able to duck out of the way and use that smaller stature to his use but that didn’t really happen in the end.

Strong just used his strength to hit the hell out of Drago until he could ground him long enough to start putting the pressure on with different submission moves, nothing Drago did really gave him the momentum, there were a few decent reversals from both but there just wasn’t really any drama in it because it mainly looked like Drago was getting his ass kicked.

After the match it was Aerostars time to come to the help of Drago but Jake Strong just looks unbeatable.

Winner : XO Lishus

This has been one of the most fun feuds we’ve had so far this season, it really is the only match we’ve seen with the two of them so far but it has been really good. From Lishus’s debut showing up the big mouth to Jack choking him out in the tag team match it has just been a great story up until now.

A No Mas match, which basically means a I Quit match.

As you can tell it was the hardest hitting match they’ve had so far, gone are the games and the fun as both Evans and Lishus just try to beat the hell out of each other to the point one would say No Mas.

Loved Jack jumping off the ladder, Ive getting involved and the flurry of attack back in the ring late on with XO.

Speaking of Ive getting involved even though she didn’t actually get any hits in at the same time surely it takes away a little from XO winning? I mean it was a distraction that gave Lishus time away from the pain that was being inflicted on him and instantly turned the tide for XO so that he could get the match back in the ring, ground Evans and work on Evans arm. It happened again later with Joey getting involved as well as Ive which once again turned the tide this time for the win for Ive.

I dunno I loved the match but XO also kind of couldn’t beat Evans without help. Regardless of how horrible the fate he was facing was Evans was doing what he had to do.

Joey Ryan after the match trying to be friends with Ive and XO was hilarious but also sweet, love the trio we’re seeing born in front of us. Joey Ryan announcing he’s the hero now just made me giggle way too much. Fantastic match,


So before the wedding we see Jack crawling backstage in front of the rest of the wedding party, including a more angry Ricky Mundo after once again being shouted at.

What I don’t get is the problem Jack has is with his arm not his legs so surely getting up and walking would be LESS painful?


So after Pentagon took out their minister last week Famous B has taken the job to marry Johnny and Taya.

Everything about the entrances was just adorable, Johnny’s face was the cutest but I loved the Bride and her Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid. The entire thing was decked in green and it was just beautiful.


So… Ricky unlocks the room to the Monster Matanza’s room, this is going to be the wedding gift for Taya and Johnny. Poor Taya and Johnny.


Well it was a wedding, Antonio gave them the wedding gift of tacos, we got some really sweet vows and Brenda B giving a running commentary from behind Taya. I loved it so much, specially Famous B’s face through most of it.

It is just adorable!

Poor Ricky though, he came out with the rings to disgust from the others, gave Famous B the ring then was kicked out of the ring completely.

It was the “I now announce you man and holy shit what is that…” from Famous B that will live with me forever and if I ever find someone stupid enough to marry me that will be what I beg them to say and absolutely no one other then me will get it.

The what is that was Matanza who came out, beat the hell out of everyone, threw everyone through tables of tacos and finally Taya through the cake whilst Ricky sat with the Believers enjoying the chaos. I can kind of understand it… I still feel bad for Worldwide Underground but I understand why he did what he did even without the evil dolly telling him to do it.

Even in Lucha Underground a wrestling wedding will not go well…

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