Island : I Want to Keep Liking You

Stage 7

“Zutto Suki de Itai no ni” (ずっとすきでいたいのに)

One reason I haven’t kept up to date with this anime is because I just don’t know what to make of it. It takes all the really weird aspects of dating games and Visual Novels and mixes them up in a really difficult way to enjoy. I don’t really care much for any character and that is because there hasn’t been a straightforward story told with a single one of them.

Because I am determined to finish it no matter what I am here to finish it but I’m not going to enjoy it.

It was the perfect example of why I can’t get into the series. It has so much going on and none of it makes sense.

I thought Rinne was meant to be young? She even goes on about being a kid in the episode, their relationship is like a big brother and a little sister. It is strange and I just don’t like it. Then the time travel shit comes back and Setsuna can’t figure out if he’s from the future or not or if Rinne is from the past or not.

There isn’t anything happening in this series that makes even the smallest bit of sense. Everything is all over the place and I just get lost trying to figure it out all the time. It is starting to really bug me.

Now there is a mysterious island we need to think about too.

Again it flits through everything we know, everything we’ve been told and never really gives you answers to anything. So now there is a Island that could be the way to transport between the past and present, why this is now the hypothesis for Sara when she already came to the conclusion that she can’t go back in time I don’t know but that is what it is.

I mean it now makes sense that the Island in the title is actually this one that they are now going to but I just don’t care.

I don’t care about Rinne. I don’t care if she left someone to die on that Island because she didn’t, he wanted to save her and gave her a boat to survive. I don’t care about that Setsuna, I don’t care for this one who still doesn’t know what is going on in his life. We’ve already come to the realisation that all these kids parents are the spitting image of them so why couldn’t he BE the Setsuna from 5 years ago and just like Rinne lost her memory coming back from the Island so did he?

I don’t care enough to want to find out why this is happening but I’m gonna find out either way.

It is just a load of bollocks isn’t it?

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