Lucha Underground S4E11 : Last Man or Machine Standing

Yeah I said that I wouldn’t miss another day after missing one but I had some problems and ended up staying at my sisters house for the night so obviously no time to do anything.

Not to worry we are on the last stretch with a Haunted House match to start us off!


A sad yet adorable way to start off the episode with Dragon comforting Melissa who is obviously missing Fenix right now.

Really liked it, brought Fenix back to our memories and made me love Dragon for being so sweet and comforting Melissa.

Winner : Mil Muertes

So before the match Melissa refused to introduce Catrina who attacked her, it meant Melissa was out of action for the rest of the night and replaced by Famous B who was in a wheelchair really selling the fact he has a broken ankle.

A Haunted House Match isn’t anything Hardyz crazy it is just a cage match with weapons that you could only win by pin or submission which was pretty cool.

It was a fun match to watch, some normal weapon/cage match moments, Mil obviously had the upper hand for most of it seeing that Mack is scared of him and the rest of it but when he just speared Mack through the cage I just, it was the best and let the action spill outside of the ring.

Mack was split open, thrown through chairs and just basically murdered by a really pissed off Mil, it was just a horrible match to watch but also obviously seriously cool ,the mat was just covered in blood.

Mil climbing the cage was a thing of beauty.

After the match Mil told Catrina to execute the lick of death and she said no and walked off. I have a feeling she will not get away with that for long.

Winner : Jake Strong

Before the match Famous B thanked the fans for being behind him and said he’d never leave them, he wasn’t very happy to see Jake Strong come out in the very next match.

It was a good match, longer and more balanced then the rest of Strong’s matches so far and went a long way to show that he is a threat even to established guys like Aerostar, I liked how they did it too.

Aerostar got a decent amount of offense in but it was a reversal into a ankle lock and a quick tap that won it for Strong, after the match Drago saved Aerostar with nunchucks before Strong could break Aerostar’s ankle or steal anything from him.

Good match.


Can’t wait for the wedding, the Worldwide Underground are just the most adorable group on the planet and I can’t wait to see Taya’s big day.

It was Taya’s present I loved most, she got him a title shot the week after the wedding.

Plus Ricky is killing people in his way, that doll is not doing poor Ricky any good.

Winner : Pentagon Dark

So we have finally got to a match where I guess the winner finally wins. Either Pentagon or Cage are going to be incapable of walking out by the end of the match.

I loved the match, there was a glass bottle smashed over Cage’s head and a broken glass bottle stabbed into Pentagon’s head, then a ridiculous package piledriver on 6 chairs before Pentagon just went to work on Cage’s arm with a chair.

They did just about everything you’d expect from the two of them after the feud they have just had, obviously someone had to stay down on the ground for a 10 count so they wanted to basically kill the other one to get them down for 10 seconds or probably longer.

I loved the chaos, it was just perfect Lucha Underground.

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