Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : Cause you are my God, Zack

Episode 11

With Rachel being classified as a Witch we get to see what her punishment is from Gray in this episode…

It isn’t much to be honest.

As the title kind of gives away it is a fight over whose God is true and she comes to the conclusion, for some odd reason, that Zack is her God. Whilst she kind of proves everything Gray says as being right about her selfishness and the rest she still carries on forward with what she wants to do.

It really isn’t much of a episode to be honest, there isn’t anything of real importance or interest going on.

You’ll either like Rachel and see her as the victim or you’ll agree that she’s selfish and that she’s a little on the annoying side. I don’t think there is a middle ground and we still don’t really know much about her, at the end we get a slight flashback to whatever it was that started her journey but it still looks like she saw someone else kill someone, possibly her dad killing her mother or something. She seems to think Zack will hate her for lying but I don’t even really know what it is she’d have lied to him about, whatever it is SHE herself has done we haven’t been told.

We got to learn a little more about Zack, and I mean a little, it once more adds to the mountain of reasons why Zack is more a sympathetic character even if he is a murderer as we gap the earlier part of his life to what we’ve seen with his “foster” parents as it were.

Honestly it is the characters that make this, the story has been kind of bland so far thinking about it.

I mean I’ve loved every episode, I love every twist it has taken but at the same time it is just the story of Zack trying to escape and Rachel being a zombie and working out the puzzles. I’ve compared it to the film franchise Saw with its gruesome games trying to teach Rachel a lesson but at the same time I don’t really think in the end there was a lesson to be taught. I didn’t really pay much attention to the intro before but there is a scene were we see Rachel hanging and I’m starting to feel she might actually be dead and this might actually be her judgement as obviously hanging is a sin, that is probably way off but we don’t actually know a thing about Rachel other then she wants to be dead and seems to heavily believe in God no matter what God she ends up believing in the end.

What has made the series so good has been the different characters and none of their stories really do much to progress anything else we’d have seen much more of Rachel’s story and a bigger development in her. Even Zack, who we’ve at least had his backstory developed, hasn’t as a character changed. We as a audience understand him more and he has become somewhat of a anti-hero as we’ve seen the hardships he’s had to endure and understand how he ended up a psychopath but his story has basically been to escape and whilst his relationship with Rachel might have changed it hasn’t really come across very well in the episodes.

It is a love story but at the same time it is a very unbelievable one.

The next episode looks like it’ll blow everything we know out of the water and it looks like we might actually get to see something that should have probably been being told in the last 11 episodes slowly being told dramatically in one episode. Whilst it isn’t enough to ruin the series this episode was really a eye opener to how little has actually happened in the series story wise yet it is a credit to the writing of the characters, the action on each floor and the pacing of these episodes that it took till episode 11 to realise that we haven’t really had much story since episode 1 and have been sat on the edge of our chairs most episodes really engrossed in what is going on without much to actually care about when you look deeper into it.

Poor episode but 1 poor episode in 11 is not a bad thing.

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