Overlord III : Another Battle

Chapter 11

“Mōhitotsu no Tatakai” (もう一つの戦い)

Empire & Gown vs Re-Estize is on.

This has to be the coolest episode so far. I’ve been a bit mixed about the last few episodes, not really liking the political stuff or really getting what was going on but this episode was by far the best.

Maybe because it was back at Carne Village.

To be honest I now realise just how much the series has made me care for Carne Village because when Ainz said he had no real interest in the village I actually kind of low key hated him a whole bunch and it is because the anime has put all the most relatable and likeable characters into the village. You become protective of them. When we were being told that the fight against Barbro or whatever he’s called was going to be pretty much impossible to win you just didn’t want to see characters that might seem like they are background characters such as Jungem die, you didn’t want a single villager to die.

It was the beauty of the episode that you could see Barbro being such a dick, being over confident and planning ahead to just ravish this village to the ground that led to you feeling so much despair especially when a group rounded the corner on the women and children escaping.

What a great come back though when the horn that is only meant to summon 20 low level Goblins ended up sending Enri a 5000 strong OP army of Goblins, it even blew Ainz away. The rest of the episode was a slaughter in favour of Carne Village and Barbro got what was coming to him.

Again there isn’t much to really talk about, it was simply another battle and a good one at that. Most of the last few episodes just didn’t seem to make much sense to me and whilst I enjoyed them, I’m not saying they were Lizard Men levels of rubbish, I couldn’t get my head around who was the good guys, who was the bad guys and why I should care or what was even happening. This was straight forward though, Barbro in a way went into business for himself thinking he can stop the threat of Ainz if he took the village by force and was obviously the bad guy in the piece.

Seeing the marching armies of Goblins all swearing alliance to Enri was one of the coolest moments I’ll ever live to see and I think the mystery of why such a big army appeared isn’t really that weird. She’s been nothing but lovely to the Goblins who she summoned originally, they aren’t just helpers or workers they are part of the village and given equal care and attention to anyone, even the Ogres get treated well. She’s a really good leader and beloved. The Goblins are in charge of so much in the village but because they are so well respected. Obviously even if it uses magic and shit to do it there is no doubt that she is friends to Goblins and that she is a worthy leader to any group.

Really thought it was a great moment and so happy to see another victory for Carne, whilst I guess the horn was given to her by Ainz so you can say he did help out it was also a win for them without needing complete help from Ainz or one of his OP pals. Lupisregina might have slaughtered the Prince after the fact but she had nothing to do with the battle and as I said the horn might have been given to her by Ainz but even he didn’t know the power she would be able to summon now with it so that army itself was summoned by her own will and had little to do with Ainz.

I just really love Carne Village.

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