Lucha Underground S4E8 : Ranks of the Reptiles

Dragon is the new Gift of the Gods Champion, Mil is pissed at Mack and Killshot is a dick.

We still have the war between World Wide Underground and the Reptile Tribe and the Moth Tribe is now on the move for the title. It is all starting to get a bit manic.

Winner : Daga

Really enjoyed the match, I’m a huge fan of PJ Black and really like Daga too the two had a much slower and brutal match with a lot more submission moves including the fantastic Dragon Sleeper from PJ whose hair is absolutely the greatest thing in the world.

I know the story is really about the two groups against each other but I really like watching Daga vs PJ as they just worked really well together.

It was a really good match and in the end PJ had to submit to a horrible looking move that I just really loved. After the match the Reptiles were all called and they just beat the hell out of him till Johnny and Taya showed up to help him. Ricky did show up but I don’t really think he helped that much and Vibora would have been able to take on all of them if PJ hadn’t brought in kendo sticks.

Next week the World Wide Underground will fight the Reptile Tribe, if the Reptiles win then Johnny Mundo has to join them if World Wide Underground win then they get one wish granted by Cobra Moon.


Honestly The Mack is adorable. He sticks up for himself against Catrina who then produced Big Rick’s skull still chewing on a cigar in one of the lockers as warning to The Mack for pissing off Mil Muertes.


It wasn’t anything special just him coming out to say that winning the belt last week was the biggest achievement of his career so far and that he plans on keeping the belt till Ultimato Lucha and making his tribe proud before exchanging it for his chance to fight for the belt and win it.

Winners : Killshot, Son of Havoc & The Mack

So it was a interesting match. The Champions are having a lot of problems with Killshots ego becoming bigger then the team whilst the Rabbit Tribe have obviously fallen into a darker place but have yet to see any success after falling into the dark.

Really like the Rabbit Tribe and their team work is pretty cool, I like how they felt like a threat and fighting one felt like fighting them all. All three of them move in such a strange fashion and I just love them so much, I am actually really sad that they didn’t win.

Whilst Killshot didn’t really want to do any team work, specially when it came to Havoc, their team were very much the harder hitting team and took the punishment to the Rabbits no matter who was in the ring.

The Tower of Doom was probably the greatest thing I’d ever seen, I honestly loved it so much, followed by the double stomp on Saltador and London and the flip onto London and boy did Havoc look a million dollars right there.

It was the ending of the match that was so good though. Killshot was stomping the hell out of everyone after the Tower of Doom before being taken out momentarily by Mala Suerte, Mack used Suerte being focused on Killshot to Stunner him and Bullfrog Splash him but it was Killshot that snuck into the ring to take the three count from the downed Mala Suerte. The ego on him confusing and annoying The Mack whilst Son of Havoc seems to be pretty over the fact that Killshot isn’t going to play ball with him.

Winner : Cage & King Cuerno

So it wasn’t meant to be a handicap match, it was a tag team match with Cage and Pentagon being able to pick partners but of course because Pentagon is so confident he didn’t feel the need to pick a partner.

At the start it very much felt like Pentagon had made the right decision, he was able to outsmart the two other guys, giving us a moment where Cage took out Cuerno on the apron by accident, and used his speed and confidence to really take it to them. Like most Pentagon matches it went straight to the outside, Pentagon using the relaxed rules to put some punishment on Cage and Cuerno before posing for the fans and being brought back into the ring by Cuerno and suddenly the momentum swung and the punishment of a handicap match started to be laid down.

It was slightly weird, Cuerno and Cage were never really a team and it became very obvious at the end where Cuerno hit the Thrill of the Kill on Pentagon just for Cage to basically be like “yeah thanks now go” and he won the match himself.

Great match, made Pentagon look great character wise because he is brimming with confidence and Cage can only beat him when he’s got someone with him but also made the story of his confidence being his weakness even stronger. Him posing to the fans, him not seeing people as threats, him believing in himself to the point where he takes his eyes off the game from time to time… It’ll be his down fall.

Cage stands tall at the end of the episode with the title held high but it still took him and Cuerno to do it.


I LOVED this. It was one of the funniest things ever. Johnny Mundo and Taya crept into the Reptiles home and beheaded Vibora who no doubt was their biggest threat for next week.

What I think I missed the first time I saw this episode was the fact that Vibora seemed to be standing guard next to a coffin, as we already know what happened to Fenix it makes sense that it was Jeremiah’s coffin.

Great little segment but poor POOR Vibora.

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