Lucha Underground S4E7 : The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I apologise that I couldn’t do these yesterday, I’ve been in a lot of pain the last 24 hours and have no idea why.

BUT what better way to cheer me up then re-living episode 7? This episode we get to see the NEW Gift of the Gods champion, but I doubt it’ll be that easy for the six dudes (and dudette) that are left.

Winner : Jake Strong

So Jake Strong is out to cause some pain to the one last member of the group he debut with. He has already broke Famous B’s leg, thankfully he doesn’t need his leg amputated thank the Lucha Gods, and did pretty much the same to Big Bad Steve and now he has done the same to Sammy Guevara.

It was a little bit sad, I get that they want to show off Strong and make him the absolute biggest threat going. They are building him up away from the big guys like Mil, Cage and the champion Pentagon so that he CAN look super deadly. Whilst Guevara is a interesting talent and it would be nice to see more of him it makes sense to use a relative nobody to Lucha Underground to absolutely destroy and show off all the various styles he has going for him.

Sammy did get a chance to jump off of something high. It was actually so terrifying, the kid hit by the stairs and didn’t look like he connected a whole bunch with Strong but it was so cool and it gave him a bit of a upper hand for a little bit.

Decent match I just think I liked Guevara and didn’t want to see his next match being a squash match.

Winner : Matanza Cueto

Actually got much more offense in then the others which is strange. For a Monster that is getting more and more strength from sacrifices he is suddenly not being as deadly as he was before.

In the end though it was pretty much the same as always with some really funny moments, like Antonio giving Vinnie a pizza and then after the match the Pizza Boy trying to take Vinnie’s money and getting sacrificed too.

Wonder how many of these we’ll get before we figure out what it is that is actually going on with Matanza.

Winners : Dezmond X, Dragon Azteca, Jr. & King Cuerno

Well not a elimination match as such, whichever team wins goes on to fight each other for the Gift of the Gods championship.

From the start Killshot was out at the top of the stairs so you kinda thought that he was gonna try and mess things up for his current team mates, it didn’t stop The Mack from starting the match and absolutely kicking everyone’s ass and in the end he didn’t interfere but seemed pissed that Son of Havoc was pinned..

Son of Havoc, Ive and Mack were very much the people’s champions and made a really decent Trio team too, decent tags and great chemistry, all of them super talented but their egos were left at the door. You had the feeling that whilst the other three worked well together they very much were all out to make themselves look good in a match that wasn’t really that important overall, you needed to win it but not on their own, you had to win it as a team.

Great match and was sad with the result because I love Havoc, Ive and Mack but the triple threat of Dezmond X, Dragon and Cuerno is no doubt gonna be the coolest thing ever.

After the match Mil Muertes came out and attacked The Mack and Son of Havoc, Killshot took the opportunity to get a hit on Son of Havoc before Mil knocked him out too. Poor Mil, of course he’s upset he’s just a big teddy bear and he was thrown out of this match because someone is scared of him. SCARED? Of Mil? He’s so innocent and sweet.

Winner : Dragon Azteca, Jr.

It was one of those matches that you can’t really blink else you missed stuff, Matt Striker was talking at 100mph trying to call the action because it just went off so fast. Both Dezmond and Dragon work at such a fast pace whilst Cuerno did slow things down but was the set up for a few really cool moves like the Frankenstiener to Dezmond X who was able to reverse it mid-move to get a pin attempt on Dragon.

All three are so different, Dragon being more flashy and using high energy moves like dives to the outside, the one over the top of Cuerno was cool as hell, lots of jumpy moves whilst Dezmond was just hitting and kicking the heck out of everyone and Cuerno was slowly working everyone down with his heavier hitting moves and more calculating moves.

When Cuerno had Dragon on the floor with his legs wrapped up then just picked Dezmond up and had him held at the same time, I loved it. I love submission wrestling, it is why I’m a huge fan of ZSJ, and I kind of wished that he had won with that because it was amazing and showed the strength of Cuerno too.

Brilliant match and can’t complain with Dragon winning the belt.


So Marty is drunk at home and Mariposa isn’t that pleased with him sulking about having his arm broken.

Love that Marty is back and Mariposa is trying to focus him on bringing the title to the Moth tribe, Marty is fantastic and can’t wait for him to be back in action soon.

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