Lucha Underground S4E10 “A Snake Scorned”

The Snakes have lost not only their bodyguard but their pet, Slam Town is getting ready for a wedding, the Trio Champions can’t survive Killshots ego and Jack Evans is a dick but maybe not as big a dick as Ricky Mundo is going to turn into.


So Cobra Moon is going to get over her loss to World Wide Underground by demanding a Trio’s Championship match which Antonio agrees too mainly because I think he was a little scared of her. I like to think that anyway.

Dragoned is funny. I do like it.

Winner : Matanza Cueto

We are down another Rabbit as Paul London gives up Saltador to Matanza Cueto.

Again it went slightly better then most of the matches before it, a lot better considering Saltador was shoved into Matanza to begin with by London. He used his unique way of moving to bypass some of Matanza’s moves but it didn’t take long for Matanza to beat him and…

Another deaded Rabbit. The Rabbit Tribe is down to Paul London.


As I said Killshots ego is about to destroy the team, he has a Gift of the Gods match just before his main event Trio Championship match.

Killshot is all about him, he’s upset that The Mack isn’t happy for him and doesn’t like Son of Havoc because he thinks he’s trying to take his friend from him. Lots of whining little baby talk.

Winner : Dragon Azteca, Jr.

Some great moments like the Electric Chair, Killshot being able to read what Dragon was doing and change his move mid air to a double stomp and of course any kind of dive these guys would do. It was a bit of a story of Killshots bad attitude, he came in super confident and angry which made him NOT as focused as he might have seemed. He was cocky at times like he didn’t really think much of Dragon.

He slowed the match down a lot which I liked and it become a very heavy hitting and pretty tough fight.

Both guys wanted to win it, Killshot was cocky but he wanted that Championship badly whilst Dragon is focused on going to Ultimo Lucha and getting the belt. They really gave everything they had and it was great to watch.


Oh the feels, they are adorable. BFFs forevers. Drago doesn’t think he deserves a second chance, Aerostar loves him and wants the best for him. They are adorable. ADORABLE I TELL YOU.

Winner : The Reptile Tribe

It was Tornado Rules, no tags needed and anything goes with no Killshot at ringside because he was sulking probably after losing his match. The numbers were on the Snakes side but Son of Havoc and The Mack did well against them, specially The Mack who is just amazing.

When Killshot finally showed up you thought that maybe he looked super focused on keeping his title but well… Maybe not. His ego was bruised and he was grumpy.

The best moment was the entire triangle holds followed by The Mack swinging them around for a Boston Crab. It was just amazing, I loved it, it was stupid but I loved it. The Mack is just great, he honestly can do just about anything.

Another wonderful match and The Mack looked like he could take out the entire Reptile Tribe all on his own, if the Trio Champions had ever been on the same side they could have been unbeatable, as it is they were never on the same side and Killshot cost his team the match. He left with zero gold when he had the chance to leave with two bits, all because Son of Havoc hit Killshot when he dived out to take out Daga and Killshot was sulking some more.

Killshot is a baby pass it on.

After the match Killshot mocked Son of Havoc for not getting up before stomping on him and leaving Mack completely confused as to what is going on. I really wanna see Mack take on Killshot and kick his ass.


Cage come down to give his “I’m not a man I’m a Machine” speech to be stopped by Pentagon and a total brawl to break out which included taking one of Metalachi’s guitar’s and smashing it over the guitarist head, a camera man was also knocked over and they just fought everywhere not caring who was hit in the process.

It. Was. Brilliant.

Then again Pentagon has already beaten Cage fairly in a one-on-one match so I kind of don’t get why we’re getting another match between them, it already made no sense that Cage would get a match after losing a match that meant that he’d be in a with a chance to win something that if he won it he’d get a title chance.

Can’t wait though.


The Mack wants Killshot next week but he isn’t getting Killshot he’s getting Mil Muertes in the first ever Haunted House match. Antonio Cueto in the witches hat was hilarious but Mack made it work.

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