Happy Sugar Life : A Proposal Under a Starry Sky

10th Life

“Hoshizora no Puropōzu” (星空のプロポーズ)

Like a puzzle the pieces are being handed to us to figure out exactly what happened.

Now it is Shio’s turn.

Whilst cleaning up the house and seeing small bits and pieces of what went down between Satou and Shouko the spell has kind of been lifted from Shio and we learn how she came to be separated from her mother.

It is a tale of two halves, the Shio part was interesting because it filled in all the gaps we needed. I mean I forget all the things I’ve said about this show but it pretty much was what I thought it would be. After the abuse that Shio’s mother went through she couldn’t cope on her own, she was broken, and her personality split so that sometimes she was happy, sometimes she was sad and at one point due to her anger at Shio running off and nearly getting killed she hit Shio and decided they were both better off without each other. THAT was when Satou found her, she saw the whole thing and Shio’s talk of jars that break or need to be filled brought them to where they are now.

Then there was a weird bit where Shio went from realising that she wanted to be with Satou because she cared for her to then being all “I hate you” and running off to announcing that she wanted to help Satou and be her partner in crime. It was kind of weird and I wasn’t too sure what to make of it.

The episode flew by if I’m honest, it really went so quickly, but whilst it answered a lot of questions my mind is still jumbled up when I think about it. If you take the middle bit out then it is a sweet episode with Shio finally remembering how she got to where she was, knowing what had happened to her and being able to figure out in her mind what she wanted from life. She’s still too young to realise just what is going on and what had happened to her mum but I think she’s right in how she feels for Satou. I don’t think either of them are in love, I don’t think either know how to love or what love is, even if they do love each other it isn’t the kind of love either are looking for and it isn’t really giving them what they think they want.

Shio thinks that she doesn’t love her mum because she wanted her mum to live so she can but her mum did a lot to protect her out of love, it might have been a mothers love but it was still there, she was messed up due to abuse and we’ve seen how bad the abuse can be when we saw what happened to her brother after they left and Shio is way too young to understand anything about that or what her mother really went through.

Of course Satou has done a lot to protect her life with Shio and she’s done it in a way to fill herself with a love she thinks is right but there is nothing right about this.

I feel a lot of the time all the episodes just bring up so many points that I like to talk about that I don’t really get to talk about the episode itself, usually the episodes are too crazy for me to even want to talk about them. I feel when I finally sit down after it is all finished I’ll be able to put my thoughts into words but I just can’t right now. This series has been fantastic from beginning to end and it is full of broken, sad and lonely people and right now I just don’t know what to think or how to feel. I actually wanna cry.


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