American Horror Story : Apocalypse – The Morning After

The Antichrist has arrived to judge all those left on Earth after Armageddon. The question remains who will be chosen and who will stay and suffer.

I did miss it in the first episode that Michael Langdon is obviously the child from Murder House, it wasn’t until someone pointed it out that it made sense to me why I should have cared who he is. For me Cody Fern is a breath of fresh air for a series only two episodes in and his questioning technique is bringing out the worst in everyone around him.

We got to see a lot of Gallant which is good because Evan Peters is by far one of the best cast members there, looking at his relationship with his Nana as well as Langdon playing with his head. It ended with him murdering his Nana which is sad because Collins has so far been a wonder even if she is evil. Really enjoyed getting to know Gallant and seeing how he coped being interrogated by Langdon, Fern and Peters have great chemistry and might be the saving graces of this show.

I say this because Timothy and Emily have already creeped into Langdon’s room, found a apple laptop of all things, read e-mails telling them that what Venable’s is doing is wrong and Langdon is planning on punishing her for it and decided not to confront her, not to go to Langdon, not even to tell the other survivors but go upstairs and have sex. On that account I agree with Venable’s because I do not believe at the end of the world my first thought when dealing with ass holes like Venable, creepy guys like Langdon and being stuck in a building like they are will be to have sex with someone just because fuck these people.

Honestly I find Timothy and Emily the worst characters, Santos and Allen have zero chemistry with each other and I’ve read online people theorizing this could all be biblical, Langdon being the Anti-Christ luring them to sin, now they’ve had sex there could be a child on its way that would be the savior. If that is the case then both of them need to actually get a grip and do some acting, that sounds really harsh but it is so hard to watch them and they are so boring and not really reacting to what is happening around them.

Whilst it is obvious that “Cooperating” will probably not mean what we think it is seeing it is the Anti-Christ that is talking about it at the same time you’d like to think that those two would at least have tried to talk to other people. Instead they are mainly just trying to find out how they can escape and find a free place to have sex. Lets face it, if the Cooperative sent Langdon to find people for the Sanctuary then why would that same Sanctuary take two people, minus Langdon, in? Why after they found out that Venables is lying did they not carry on with their plan and instead just ran off and decided sex was a good option?

I don’t like the characters and find the actors boring.

Grossman and Lourd had some great comedy moments including explaining to the “oldies” how them young ‘uns have it harder because they had so much choice that they have lost. “We had at least four Chris’s to star in movies” is probably one of my favourite lines.

Whilst the snakes were pretty cool, Erika Ervin (Amazon Eve) continued to be terrifying and the knowledge that Kathy Bate’s is a cyborg/robot/something was pretty cool the rest of the episode that didn’t center around Gallant was forgettable.

Still enjoyed it, pretty worried I’ll stop enjoying it soon especially if Langdon comes to the aid of Timothy and Emily and we have to deal with them being even more smug then they already are. If you don’t think they are smug then Emily’s “your smarter then him” to Timothy whilst talking about Langdon, who they know nothing about, just proves they think they are better then the other people, Emily has had a attitude on her since she arrived and nothing ever changes it. I kind of wanted to see her die.

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