Inu x Boku SS : Kagero (Dragonfly) of the Spring

Episode 5

“Haru no Kagerō” (春の蜻蛉)

Again we have another new person introduced in the episode but I’m still trying to get over Natsume and Watanuki.

Kagero and Natsume seemingly are in a war of who is more of a eccentric crazy. I think Kagero wins this one with his sex mad personality, he brings back sex toys for people and declares the whole apartment, people and fittings alike, as sadist or masochist.

A whirlwind of confusing S&M shit before he leaves again with all we really know of him is that he had been picked by Ririchiyo’s parents for a forced marriage so is technically her fiance and that he was childhood friends with the others, helping Natsume torture Watanuki, as well as Soshi once being his SS agent.

I mean I’ve made it obvious I don’t like the romance angle between Ririchiyo and Soshi very much but I think it played out really well in this episode.

Take away the build up so far of it, his constant, choking presence in her life, showering her with compliments and the like, and look at her slow burning understanding of how she feels and her formal and strange way of showing her affection and I think its decently done.

Personally I look at everything with my own life experience and in reality if someone acted the way Soshi did to Ririchiyo most normal people would look at it and be like “how do you know your feelings are your own and not his being forced upon you?”

If they hadn’t made him so full on I actually think the way they’ve dealt with Ririchiyo’s feelings is pretty decent. The fact she wanted to write a letter to him and had to go out in the end to buy special paper for him is just a great character moment for her because it showed that he was special enough that she needed something special for him. The little moment right at the end where she questions whether Soshi knew all along that she had a fiancee as well. It was just perfectly done.

5 weeks in it might be late to say this but take my moaning about the romance being creepy with a pinch of salt. I don’t like people in real life with Soshi’s personality and whilst I like him as a character, I like his relationship at the moment with Ririchiyo and I think overall the story isn’t so in your face or ridiculous that I hate it, I’m going to moan about a romantic trope that I find disturbing as much as I can.

I think why I like it done this way so much is that at times, like this episode, you can forget Soshi’s personality and the way he’s kind of, not on purpose, forced his own emotional need onto Ririchiyo and just pretend that her feelings are growing on her own, which they are probably meant to be. The fact that Soshi is so eager to please that he’ll agree to things that Natsume says, probably knowing that Natsume is teasing him, and do his best to make others happy probably helps as well.

As I said he’s like the dog from Up!

2 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS : Kagero (Dragonfly) of the Spring”

  1. Kagero was always my least favourite character in the mix but he is kind of needed later in the story. Still, less is more with him and I’m glad he kind of blows in and out and doesn’t linger in the apartment because he’s a character that could have made me drop the show and walk away if there’d been more of him.

    1. Yeah I don’t think I would be able to deal with him week in week out. IT was just a bit too much and would really be a turn off for the show if it was weekly.

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