The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 3

I feel we aren’t really getting very far with finding out anything, we need to know more about Nola and maybe this episode will help us a little.

The episode was a good one in building up the world back in 1975 but it is still very hard to read Harry and his intentions. He has this fascination with Nola but he also was able to, at least right now in his own words, keep himself to himself and knew to back off when Nola made a move.

I don’t really know what to make of most of the characters that we meet but I’m starting to really get behind Quebert, I do wonder why it takes so long for Marcus to get much out of him and he isn’t making it easy on himself. Maybe some guilt is there? Maybe there is a underlying problem with him that we just can’t see? Either way he doesn’t give much away and I love the way Dempsey is playing him, he’s such a mystery yet when we flash back to 1975 it is like a completely different character.

This time out we met a few of the leading players back in Harry’s life in 1975, none more so then Jenny the waitress at the diner who has been there all this time. Her mum, Tamara, was the boss back then and whilst she dreamt of being swept off her feet by the world famous author, who wasn’t really world famous, he was using this to try and take his mind off of Nola. It is a interesting dynamic, especially as we see that Jenny has another admirer back then, obviously her husband right now which reminds you that you don’t KNOW anything about these characters in 1975 until we are slowly dripped their lives.

Nola could have had someone else, her friend in this episode pretty much tells us that but we don’t get to hear who it is that was sending for her. There is a world of possibilities and I feel a lot of the things we don’t know about Nola is going to come into play.

As I said in the last blog I’m starting to feel the answer lies with Nola not Harry, I also really don’t think he would have hurt her.

A question I have though is that Nola mentioned her mother in this episode and the way that her father talked about her (in the present time) last episode made it very much feel like she’d been dead a long, long time. Nola makes out her mother is abusing her but I don’t know. I just get the feeling there is more going on there. When did her mother die and how? She acts like her mother was a religious freak that thought she was the devil, then again we’ve only ever seen her and her dad around the town in 1975.

Just another mystery.

I think the series is doing a great job of keeping you guessing, the acting is so superb as well you just hang on every word, every scene and want more information to be given. It doesn’t feel like it has been on for any period of time before it is finished again. I still don’t like Marcus as a character much but I love following his investigation and where it is leading him.

There are just so many things that don’t make any sense right now. So, so many things.

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