Lucha Underground S4E3 : Rest in Pieces

Grave Consequences this episode.

Catrina wanted Mil vs Fenix and then Jeremiah wanted in on it too because he’s so in love with Catrina. So it is the first Triple Threat Grave Consequences match at that.


So Ricky is back from the Isle of Dolls with Rosa… A very creepy doll. Honestly the best thing about this entire thing was PJ just looking so confused at life in general, like everything just confused him.

Jack Evans refused to face one of the Reptile Tribe because he is scared of snakes, again leaving PJ looking confused as hell.

That doll is seriously creepy. Hint that Ricky has done a bad murder on Angelico. Dear sweet Angelico.

Winner : XO Lishus

Instantly loved XO, his move set is fantastic and unique in its way, he is so flexible that he looks like he don’t have a spine.

It was a fantastic match though because Evans is pretty unique in the way he does things and can pretty much get out of any situation whilst XO was just so different and was difficult to get a grasp on. Very fast and very flamboyant with some fantastic spots.

My favourite bit was honestly from the beginning, the handspring into a slap, you think XO is going to go for the elbow but he just turns and slaps Jack which was brilliant and said all you need to know about XO’s character.

Jack loses after being hit with a X-Factor off the ropes, losing his own call out match nonetheless and probably would have done better if he had called out a Snake.

XO made a instant impression and was just amazing. I love him. I love him so much.


Bog standard promo from Pentagon talking about his win at Aztec Warfare and his win over Matanza the week before then announcing that anyone who wants the title will fail too. Nothing really to say about it, short and sweet.

After the promo he was attacked from behind by Cage who obviously isn’t a very happy man.

There was a powerbomb from the apron through a table before Cage announces he is not a man he is a machine and he’ll be the new LU Champion.


Melissa is worried for Fenix in his Grave Consequences match, he isn’t too worried about it though which bodes badly for him because he’s obviously way too over confident. I love Melissa, I don’t wan to see her upset.

Winner : Mil Muertes

It was a tale of two halves really.

The triple threat was pretty cool, very fast with no one obviously getting a upper hand. No one wanted to work WITH another person either, not that you’d expect them too, but it became difficult to see who would get a chance to even stick someone in the coffin. There was a moment where Crane and Fenix worked together on the outside to just simply take out Muertes but not to actually take him out of the match in the more final way.

It did give us a cool moment where Crane and Fenix went up the stairs, Vampiro asked where Muertes was and he suddenly came out of the elevator. It was meant to be semi-scary because you know… Mil and all that. It ended up being hilarious because the doors are just shitty.

First one down was Crane who was close to putting Fenix away but Ivelisse came down and took Crane out with a hammer, it was obvious that he was the one that was going to be going in the coffin as each coffin had a picture on them and the one they were fighting over was Crane’s, would have probably been better if they had stuck him in Fenix’s because even when Ivelisse came down it would have made you wonder what was going to happen, as it was you kind of knew Fenix was gonna get out of it somehow and yeah… It was Ivelisse.

After that it was like a restart.

Mil and Fenix upped it, you’d think Crane going would make it more of a wrestling match and less of a chaotic fight but it actually went even more crazy. We even ended up with a coffin in the ring, again it was Mil’s coffin and it was kinda destroyed a little so you kind of knew who was winning but the fight was so good you just forgot about the entire point of the match.

Fenix dies. Poor Melissa.


So daddy dearest destroys the key that holds the last part of Matanza’s soul meaning that he now is pretty much a full God?

So the monster had a soul?

I don’t get it.

Scary times though.

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