Lucha Underground S4E1 : El Jefe

We had been asked a few times to do Lucha Underground and we just never got around to it, I’ve been watching this season but due to mental health reasons haven’t been doing much recently. A 5 Things… Style blog won’t really work with LU seeing that it doesn’t usually have much more then 5 things happening on the show (well it does but I mean every story line being showcased on the episode would just be one of the 5 things) so yeah we’ll do it normal like everything else.


So Dario is dead and his dad Antonio is taking over running Lucha Underground, what a cheerful way to start the season off. It included the news that Antonio had ordered the hit, to be honest I can’t remember the end of last season and as in the UK we don’t have a real way TOO watch it then I can’t even relive it and remember if we knew his dad had ordered the hit before then.

I mean… I don’t retain information very well at the best of times let alone when I can’t go back and refresh my memory.

Winner : Pentagon Dark

This ENTIRE episode was just Aztec Warfare so obviously there was no complaints from me.

If you don’t know what that is it is basically a 20 man Royal Rumble just instead of being eliminated by being thrown out of the ring over the top rope you are eliminated by being pinned or submitted.

Son of Havoc was made the third man in the Trios Championship when Dante Fox didn’t show, it was all for Pentagon’s championship belt and was just crazy as hell. Like most of Lucha Underground.

Things I loved most…

Joey Ryan coming out and chaining himself to the ropes, like that is going to help, I really do like Ryan at times and he’s a good comedy act for any show he’s on. The fact he uncuffed himself and was instantly taken out by Penta just made it even better.

Then at 7 just after Penta entered at 6 we had my favourite wrestler and hero Tommy Dreamer come down and come face to face with Penta. He didn’t do bad either bringing his hardcore style to the match and having some great moments including being dropped on the thumbtacks out on the benches.

Vinnie Massaro at 9 and his pizza stuff. Like what more could you want in life?! I mean you didn’t get to see much wrestling from him and I don’t know who he is so don’t know if he’s just a comedy act or actually a decent wrestler as well, I will fight anyone who says when he puts his mind to it Joey Ryan can’t be good because I’ve seen him live on more then one occasion and because he’s had to tone down the funny as it was family shows he was really bloody good in the ring.

Son of Havoc had a good showing once again impressing everyone. I think the Trio’s story is a interesting one that they started up in this episode with his new team mates not too happy to see him as their partner but at the same time turning on each other a little but with Killshot taking out Mack.

It came down to Marty vs Penta which was a great match on its own even with Penta having been in there and eliminating half the field (or what felt like it) it just was a good match. In the end Penta won the match but for a while it looked like Marty might have had him.

Fantastic way to start the season.


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