Lucha Underground S4E2 : Darkness and Monster

What a exciting way to start the season off with Aztec Warfare, now it is time to see what the rest of the season has in store for us with new stories brewing. Also who will be able to beat Pentagon?


Catrina wants the gauntlet so that she can get her life force back, the gauntlet that Mil did actually win before Cuerno stole it. Obviously Cuerno won’t tell her where it is, whether or not the gauntlet makes a return anytime soon seems questionable. Wonder who Cuerno gave it too.

Winners : The Mack, Killshot & Son of Havoc

This wasn’t the match up that was meant to be happening but Famous B came out to announced that his guys were out making him money in Mexico so gave us three new members of his group.

I’ll say it here once and then never mention it again. I FUCKING LOVE BRENDA! She’s absolutely amazing and I love hearing her constantly shrieking things. I love managers in general and valets and I think Brenda is a great character compared to what a lot of managers/valets can be. She’s bloody perfect.

Decent match, showed off Guevara, let us see the new Trio Champions working together for the first time but mainly just showed off the debuting Jake Strong (for those who haven’t seen it yet or heard it is Jack Swagger/Jake Hager) who towered over everyone and if he was left on his own could possibly have destroyed everyone.

It was chaos but in the normal, brilliant Lucha Underground way.

Famous B cost his team the match by distracting the ref even when Strong had the ankle lock in and Killshot was tapping out, it gave Mack, Killshot and Son of Havoc the chance to get the win on Big Bad Steve and afterwards Jake Strong broke the ankle of Famous B.

Fantastic and great debut for Strong. I personally have always kind of been a fan of Strong everywhere he’s been, I’ve always been a fan and never understood why people disliked him so much. I guess his whole big guy stuff plays better in Lucha Underground where he is a bigger star unlike WWE where he is a average sized guy. He should be a pretty cool addition to the show.

Winner : Dragon Azteca, Jr

Cueto came out to announce that they will be started the Gift of the Gods matches for the medallions and first up is Drago, being pulled along by Cobra Moon, vs Dragon Azteca, Jr.

I dunno I didn’t like the match as much as I thought I would, I felt it was a little slow then Drago went for Dragon’s mask which obviously is a big thing but then Drago just didn’t do anything to capitalize on the frantic feeling Dragon must have been going through trying to stick his mask back on.

Really did like the body scissors from the ropes into a pin from Dragon to win the match, it was really cool. He walks away with a medallion putting him one step closer to the Gift of the Gods title.

After the match Johnny Mundo comes out with Taya, whilst Mundo was distracting Cobra Moon Taya attacked her from behind. Worldwide Underground get a little revenge for Cobra Moon taking out Mundo in Aztec Warfare the week before.


Well Catrina can’t get the gauntlet so she’s going to try and get her life force some other way, she asks for a Grave Consequences match next week with Fenix against Mil Muertes. To stop her from teleporting into his office Cueto agrees.

Winner : Pentagon Dark

So the Monster faces off against the champion. They really built up the fact that Pentagon hadn’t beaten Matanza before now so you kind of knew he was going to win and it was a wonder why they bothered with this match straight off the bat.

Pentagon didn’t let Matanza even get into the ring, he just attacked right from the moment the show came back from break. He kept the pressure on Matanza, specially on the outside of the ring using everything he can to throw him into or hit him with until he went for a chop against the ring post and Matanza moved.

What can you say about a Matanza match? It was a lot of Pentagon trying to get the better of the monster, lots of really hard hitting moves, some scary looking moves and Matanza looking unbeatable until two Mexican Destroyers and a package Piledriver puts him away. Antonio Cueto didn’t look happy but what ya gonna do?

Pentagon walks out champion and Cueto gets admonished by his father after escaping having his arm broken by powering out of the move. Pentagon might have been able to beat the monster but he wasn’t strong enough to do that.


Basically Crane wants to be in the Grave Consequences match so that he can beat everyone and make Catrina fall in love with him.

What a love story. All the hearts for Crane being in love with Catrina.

Loved Cueto’s come back after Crane said “I told you it wouldn’t take long” and replying with “it looks like your career won’t be either” or something like that. Man it was good. Love Antonio.

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