Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : The Witch Trail Shall Start

Episode 10

We go full Alice in Wonderland in this episode as more drugs are piled on Rachel and she literally follows a white rabbit down a hole…

I really loved the episode but I had no real idea where this whole “she is a witch” thing came from. I guess it is a obvious thing for a man of the church like Gray to claim but it was still pretty strange thing to claim her to be.

As for the trial I loved it, I can’t help but love it. At this point I want every single one of the characters to be correct about Rachel, the fact that she just blankly stood there the entire time really pissed me off and I just really for the first time felt like I didn’t like her at all and that there really is something horrible behind those dead eyes of hers.

Cathy’s testimony was hilarious, Eddies was adorable and them two arguing made the entire thing so much more fun then it probably should be. Danny unfortunately just said the same thing he always says. In the end it wasn’t really very revealing and I guess that the point was to awaken Rachel fully, it is obvious she’s still in a drug fueled state so none of this other then maybe Danny’s testimony is true. She finally showed some emotions at the end when Gray judged her and decided on her punishment.

Have to admit that I do feel a little sad that in the end we didn’t get to know the three idiots more. I mean Cathy, Eddie and Danny were all pretty interesting and complex characters but we never really, truly got  to know any of them. They were all there to make a point but it is a point that very obviously is going to be turned on its head.

I agree with a lot of the points about Rachel, looking back she is a stubborn and selfish character. Something clicked when she was talking to Danny in the first episode and since then she’s just wanted to die the way she has picked. At every turn, on every floor she could have died, which is apparently her wish, but for some reason she decided that she must be killed by Zack. She decided this before he promised to God that he would kill her else she would never have agreed to help him when she found out that someone had prepared a grave for her. Unless there is something that happened before this entire thing that connects Rachel and Zack someone as unmoving and unemotional as Rachel couldn’t possibly have fallen in love with a maniac like Zack at first sight, she’s been pretty much dead on the inside since Danny awoken whatever it was inside her that made her want to die, by now she probably does have feelings for him which I guess is where we are going with this but there was no reason that Eddie couldn’t have killed her and she would have been happy with that.

Do I think she should be punished in any way?

I dunno because I don’t really know what this entire place is to be honest. Gray is the one that seemingly brought them all here but for what purposes I don’t know. They are all angels, Rachel is a witch… It makes little sense at the moment.

But I enjoyed the episode immensely. I love Gray’s entire drug thing, I like the fact we got to see the others even if the majority of them are dead because of Rachel. Obviously we’ll see Zack drag his half dead ass in to save her, and seeing the name of the next episode is “‘Cause you are my God, Zack” we’ll see Rachel admitting that her need to die at Zack’s hands is all to do with Zack and not his promise to God.

It has taken me this long but I really don’t like Rachel.

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