Overlord III : Preparation for War

Chapter 10

“Sensō Junbi” (戦争準備)

Ainz is pushing forward with the plans he apparently has come up with all on his own to make his own Empire.

Marquis Raeven stole the episode with the random need to shoehorn him having family time with his son into it.

Whilst the majority of the episode focused on Re-Estize preparing for war that tiny little moment was a weird one but I guess was pretty important in a way too. It showed what a lot of these people are going to be fighting for, the Marquis has more to lose when it comes to things like wealth and the like but maybe less to lose then a lot of the warriors who will ultimately fall giving their families, if their families survive, no way to survive themselves.

Other then that little moment there isn’t really anything to talk about, a lot of politicking and nothing more. We get a reminder of who is exactly behind which Prince to inherit the throne, there is a funny moment that Climb tells Brain and Gazef that the Princess is against him changing his very shiny, stand outy armour which comes as no surprise seeing she wants him maimed so she can have him as a sex slave and then in the end we got to see how dangerous Ainz army is as well as how ill adapted Barbro will be as a King seeing that he’d rather have his foot soldiers whipped and die of exhaustion then miss the battle.

Not much to talk about but the fight looks like it’ll be something amazing if short. Gazef knows this but obviously the King can’t just give into demands for the sake of it. Then again we all know that Ainz has no claim over E-Rantel so it would be weak of the King to just give up his land because he knows that he can’t defeat Ainz. I wonder if Momon will appear…

Brilliant episode though, I’ve been a bit meh about this whole thing because I haven’t really been able to see where it was all going but I think unlike the Lizardmen when I get the entirety of the story out of the way and then go back to it, which I 100% will do, it’ll make more sense as a whole then it has building up. Again I feel it was that one episode that put me on a back foot but now it is back to being as brilliant as it ever is.

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