Happy Sugar Life : Dissolving Rain

9th Life

“Yūkai Rein” (融解レイン)

So Satou is trying to get rid of Asahi using Taiyo. Nothing can go wrong can it?

Let us not. Shall we? Shall we just not.

Why don’t we talk about something completely unrelated instead of what happened in this episode.

No? OK let us talk about this.

Where to start?

Taiyo and Satou aren’t as smart as they think they are I guess is where we start. Taiyo nearly bungles his part in this whole thing by not thinking that Asahi would remember him and the fact that Taiyo pretty much saved his life. In the end Asahi is so desperate that even though he realised that something was going on he wasn’t going to give up on a clue even if it took him away from where he should be.

What it did lead to was something much worse.

I think I said in the last review that Asahi and Shouko are pretty much in love with each other, something she is able to badly put into words in this episode. He isn’t her type, he’s obviously preoccupied with finding his sister but there is something about him that makes her want to see him happy and makes her wish he’d be her knight in shining armour… Or is it Prince? I think it is a Prince but who cares. Either way because of these feelings and the description of Taiyo she sets about finding out for herself what is going on and finally finds out that Satou is indeed harbouring Shio.

Now tell me this. I get that Shouko must have been a little taken aback by everything and was going on emotions. She loves Satou in whatever way she loves her but she also very much is in love with Asahi hence stalking Taiyo and Satou to find out where Asahi’s sister is. WHY IN BLUE BLAZES WOULDN’T YOU TURN THE SOUND OFF ON YOUR PHONE WHEN TAKING A PHOTO?! I mean to be honest I automatically turn the shutter sound off on my phone because it is just a pointless thing to have on there. Not only that but WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU STOP TO TAKE A BREATH WHEN YOUR FRIEND HAS JUST DRAGGED YOU IN THEIR HOUSE, ANNOUNCED THAT YOU MEAN NOTHING TO THEM AND IS OBVIOUSLY HARBOURING A KIDNAPPED CHILD!

Regardless of her stupidity I applause Shouko for doing what she did and am happy that in the tiny milisecond she must have had between taking the photo and looking shocked at Satou and being dragged into the house by her she was able to send the photo to Asahi who now knows where Shio is. Roughly.

Unfortunately it is the last thing that Shouko will be doing after a really breathtakingly fantastic ending to the episode she ends up dead.

Really sad.

Shouko and Asahi were pretty much the most normal characters, that isn’t saying much seeing most of the characters are crazy, but it is truly sad to see Shouko die just after I think she was coming to the realization that she had feelings for Asahi. I mean knowing this story Asahi will possibly not react that much to Shouko dying, after all it is all Shio, Shio, Shio for all the characters but it would be nice if he does get upset.

Shio’s reaction is going to bug me I think.

It didn’t bug me so much in this episode because I think it was very normal. I mean the girl grew up in a abusive home and I think whilst her mum might not have been abusive to her when they escaped there is a chance she blamed Shio for whatever state they were left in so just tuning out the bad around you, at such a young age, is understandable. What I don’t get and what will annoy me is if in the next episode we don’t see her actually blanking out what happened. I mean she knows full well that Shouko was murdered and if she doesn’t in some way fear or show a colder side to Satou I think… I dunno. I just think that will be the point where I get a little pissed at that character.

I just don’t see why any character would not react badly to it.

From the sounds of it they are probably going to continue with their wedding and there is going to be a kind of… I dunno… “you did this for me” feel about things but I just don’t see it. Shio is too young to see it that way and her mum, whilst maybe regretting her choice and blaming Shio for what happened, took her from abuse so she must know that it isn’t good. I don’t know. I think it will be the point where Shio is too young to be able to see it as “oh Satou did it because she loved me” but too old to not understand what is going on. She was young when she left the abusive home, it has at least been 5 years since then.

Plus we got to see that the police officer obviously returned to Satou’s aunt. She’s seen in the building looking her normal deranged self next to his hat which was made a point of being seen picked up in the episode he was in… Would be interesting if we actually found out that the woman came back instead but I think that is all we’ll see and we’re meant to believe it was him. Specially after he looked behind whilst being dragged away by the female officer.

So yeah. All that happened. I wish it hadn’t. RIP Shouko, the true normal person in this anime.

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