Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : There is No God in this World.

Episode 9

It just keeps getting better and better.

Rachel is a true black hearted bitch.

Danny is back and has Zack.

Everything we know, every assumption we made has been turned upside down and things like why Zack wouldn’t be classified as a sinner makes a little more sense.

Whilst Danny and Zack seemingly will fight over who gets to kill Rachel, she herself has to fight through the final deliberations of Gray who has come to the realization that Rachel is a narcissist.

We end up playing follow the blood trail as Rachel and Zack follow Doctor Danny to get the medicine he says he has to save Zack. It seems like a lifetime ago that we saw Zack do this to himself to save Rachel because his need to kill her was overwhelming.

I don’t really get it to be honest, I mean I got that he wanted her alive so that he could escape and I also got that he would rather kill himself then kill Rachel then be killed by Cathy because he didn’t have the brains to escape, I’m also aware that he seems to be of the mind that he possibly wouldn’t have died anyway. I mean he isn’t the smartest of guys but it does feel so long ago that we saw it and that this whole predicament is one that he himself got into.

Episode itself was pretty tame, it didn’t really do much other then build tension and drama surrounding Zack and his injury. Him having to continue to push himself to save Rachel, her getting more and more animated as she tries to give him reasons to live, tries to help him and finally has to hear him announce that there isn’t a God in this world. It played in nicely to Gray asking her if someone else had promised to God they would kill her who would she think she is to decide what promise God actually accepts, later on she says something about it to Zack and it becomes pretty obvious that she has feelings for him and this need to die at his hands is more to do with a bond they’ve now got over any promises they might have had.

Thing is she’s still, as Gray figured out, a very selfish person.

In every way Gray is correct in that a lot of what has gone on in this place, as crazy and immoral as it is, is all her fault. We learnt a little more about each of the over the top personalities in the building from Gray just giving a quick explanation of them all, his explanation seems off to all of them because of the way that Rachel and Zack have made their way up the elevators and disturbed the harmony of those within. It started with Zack and the bond he seemingly instantly made with Rachel that made him want to follow her up to Danny’s floor to kill her himself, it then was seen in Danny and Eddie as they both veered from the descriptions that Gray had of them, well more so Danny then Eddie, because of their “feelings” for her. Cathy was pretty much what was explained to us but because there were two people in her game I feel like her sense of justice or whatever was warped.

Every floor, every encounter, everything that has happened has been distorted because of Rachel. Because she has Zack following her around PURELY so that he can kill her, because she has those eyes that made Danny lose his composure, because Eddie wanted to treat her to the perfect grave, the thing she actually bloody wanted, but she already had Zack and was connected to him and allowed him to destroy the beautiful graves that Eddie had crafted in compassion to all of the victims…

She stirred the place up and all the time her reasons for doing so were emotionless and focused on her own death.

The problem is at every turn she could have died but because she had those feelings for Zack, whatever they started as and whatever they end as, because Danny was just that smidge too late in killing her himself so she ended up following Zack around and demanding only he kills her. Because of that is why Gray has judged her the way she has been judged. At any time on any floor she could have been killed, if she was too boring for Zack on Danny’s floor then she could have helped him escape then left herself to Eddie, she could have not done any of the traps on Cathy’s floor… At any point she could have died which is what she wanted instead she played the game, she moved on up with a psychopath who leaves a trail of destruction behind him, destroying the very thin line that all these mental cases have between their peace and zen ways of killing to what they ended up trying to do. Then Rachel got them all killed by the hands of Zack.

We don’t even know HOW she ended up there yet but the way she’s acted since being there she’s pretty much killed everyone we’ve seen in this building through her instrument of destruction.

Those hands were the moment I think Gray realised that she wasn’t a lost sheep but a demon. They did NOTHING to her, they cried out in pain and in her eyes, whether she was telling the truth or not, she saw them as nothing more then stuffed hands incapable of feeling pain. Truth is if that was how you felt then you wouldn’t have squished them all, unlike the zombie prisoners they were no threat to her but she went out of her way to destroy every last one of them.

THAT is the true Rachel Gardner.

THAT is the real monster in this place.

The last few episodes have been aimed at bringing that out and also humanizing Zack. We’ve seen he was abused, he was in a bad place and when he found something that might have helped him it ended in death and more pain for him. He was driven crazy by all that and did the one thing he thought he should do.

At the moment Rachel does everything in cold blood and we don’t know what else she’s done to first put her in this place. Right now compared to everyone else we’ve met she’s a monster.

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