Overlord III : War of Words

Chapter 9

“Zessen” (舌戦)

So Nazarick was victorious and have now basically declared the oncoming war with Baharuth if they do not kneel and apologise for sending people to explore Nazarick.

The Emperor is pretty cool. Even Mare and Aura seem impressed he didn’t run away with all the commotion, he knows that he has to make it right. I like him a whole damn site more then I ever liked the psycho’s in the other kingdom.

Made even cooler by the fact that he can see through Renner and her act and despises her.

He’s a smart man that can only really be out thought by Demiurge who once again comes to the conclusion that Ainz knew all along that a whole bunch of things that happened were going to happen and had planned for them when in actuality Ainz didn’t think that far ahead and is once again being led by the hand by Demiurge.

It is a big long political thing now.

Paradyne helped set up Jircniv in the first place, Jircniv is smart enough to know that Paradyne has had his head turned when he realised that the Mage hadn’t bothered to ask about the magic he found inside the Tomb. There is now a big plot going ahead for them to be friendly with Nazarick as Nazarick grows as a country whilst waiting for the other lands to form a alliance against Ainz and then join them as like a insider.

It’s a batshit crazy thing.

Yet it is a batshit crazy thing that Demiurge was kind of able to see through too, as well as Albedo.

This makes, once again, Ainz the most dangerous person in the world because obviously Demiurge is ABLE to understand what is going to happen in advance, he can see plots and plans all the way up and down the time line. We know that Ainz is kind of going along with it because deep down he still is just a human that has somehow had his subconscious transported into his online persona and is trying to learn and think on the spot whilst these demons were all programmed to be smart and decent at being strategic when it comes to this shit.

I really like Jircniv though, I think he’s the most interesting character we’ve met in a while. It’ll be interesting to see what he does now, his next move is the pivotal one. He seems to want to do something about Paradyne but his advisers have kind of advised against is because obviously he’s been there a long time and is one of the reasons people respect the Empire so much so getting rid of him will make the Empire look weak. Plus as they don’t know that Nazarick is aware of them being aware of what they are doing getting rid of Paradyne might give away that they know that he’d been talking to Ainz or at least someone from Nazarick and therefore might ruin their plans in general.

Jircniv is now the most important pawn in this game of chess.

One question that has dawned on me recently is are we ever going to see Ainz fail?

He’s way too over powered and every test he’s had he’s beaten easily. There has to be something that he’ll fail at. I thought maybe one of the Demons would turn on him but I think that would be a boring story now that it has been told with Shalltear, and she was beaten pretty easily, and then fake told with Demiurge. None of the Demons with him are going to be strong enough to fight him and none of them are going to be able to break their programming and turn on him which seems to be Jircniv’s plan. Ainz has the upper hand knowing that it could possibly happen and whilst Shalltear was able to be turned I doubt we’ll see it again.

So what?

What we’re going to see is the entire world being destroyed by Ainz whilst he wishes that someone he knows is out there?

Like why would he even think that now?

It makes no sense.

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