Happy Sugar Life : Apartment No. 1208

8th Life

“Ichi-Ni-Zero-Hachi Gōshitsu” (1208号室)

After the truth behind Satou’s aunt become clear we now know that there is someone else involved in this story, the possible true victim to Satou and the reason she is able to hide Shio so well.

We don’t really get to meet or get in the head of the guy who lived there, I mean we were in his head but we didn’t really get to know him. He liked that Satou was incomplete, possibly due to him being incomplete I guess but the guy didn’t even have a voice, he didn’t truly have a face either. He was just some guy that for some reason went crazy when he thought that Satou might be completed by Shio and attempted to kill Shio.

There tends to be no middle ground in this series at all. Even Shouko, the most normal of characters that we have met, doesn’t have a middle ground. It is all or nothing for everyone we meet.

This guy went from letting a teenager into his house to escape her problems and drawing her to wanting to murder a little kid become OMG that teenager might now be happy.

That teenager has a absolute bonkers aunt whose definition of love is “do whatever the fuck you want to me” and wanted to know true love, found it in a kid we STILL don’t know how she stumbled upon, kidnapped said kid, killed a guy for trying to kill her, a guy who was letting her into his apartment just to paint her, and has now holed up in that apartment with that kid doing her best to keep her safe. Including getting sidekicks to do her dirty work.

Sidekick one being her teacher who keeps the fact he’s married with a kid secret so that he can have affairs with his pupils, he burnt the body of the guy who lived in Apartment 1208, he also just wants to be abused in any way by the teenager.

Sidekick two being another teenager who was raped and kept as a sex slave by his former manager and now wants to be purified by the kid so will, hopefully in a non-violent way like he’s been told, get rid of the kids brother so that eyes aren’t all out for that kid.

That kids brother just so happens to be slightly normal but has had a lifetime of abuse from his father including having his fingernails pulled off. He’s trying to find her after the abuse has finally ended so he can have a family, he’s also it seems falling in love with the teenagers best friend.

SHE has a whole pile of pretty normal problems. She loves her friend, I’m not sure in what way because it just doesn’t really make much sense, but she’s upset that she’s not been able to stand up face to face with her friend and help her like she should. She doesn’t know that the “lie” that one of her friends sidekicks has told her is true, that everything she’s doing is to keep a kidnapped kid, a kid that is the sister of the guy she’s kind of falling for as well, kidnapped for her own needs.

The kid in question came from a abusive home, obviously didn’t lead a happy 5 years after escaping that home and has blanked everything out of her mind only really understanding the “love” that she’s getting from the teenager with no real knowledge of what is happening.

That is it.

That is all your characters.

Two are slightly normal but you are just waiting for them to turn not so normal and even with them being normal their situations are far from being normal. NOTHING IS NORMAL. There isn’t a single character that has a steady, stable or happy life in this whole program.


And for some reason every single broken character wants nothing more then to be close to a underage kid because she is a “angel”.

Well… Except I guess the teacher who wants someone to be his dominatrix I guess. I mean if someone else abused him that way, hell if his WIFE did it, he might get a kick out of it. He’s a bit weird on another level though.

I think I’ve moved way past talking about this episode but that is the jist of what has happened to Satou in recent history. We know pretty much how she was raised, a bit about how she was leading up to finding Shio, we know nothing about THAT point in time but we know now how she came to be where she is now. She’s got Taiyo to help move Asahi on, she said non-violent and they plan on sending him somewhere else that is far enough away that they don’t have to worry about him. She SAYS she’ll let him see Shio but I don’t know how well that’ll go for him, she has a horrible mean streak in her and she just uses people to get her own way.

It is sad though because I think what she is missing, what Shio is obviously missing, what Asahi wants even possibly a little of what Shouko wants and Taiyo needs is a form of love they could all get from each other without anyone needing to be creepy towards a little girl. Satou doesn’t need romantic or physical love she needs the kind of love you’d have from a parent or a sibling, Asahi needs that back as he’s lost it due to the abusive home he grew up in, Taiyo has it but he’s scared to let his mother in and as Satou and Shio both know about his abuse they could give him that kind of love without him needing Shio to touch him. Shouko… Well I think she just wants a best friend, to feel needed and cared for.

Instead they are all batshit crazy and most of them are on the verge of sexually assaulting someone..


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