Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : Yeah…, I’m a Monster

Episode 8

We are learning so much about Rachel, again with a title like the one we’ve got we can all but hope that we’re going to learn so much more about the girl with the dead eyes.

Really loved the ghost of Cathy showing up at the beginning of the episode to say basically what I said. That what Rachel will do in the name of saving Zack shows her true nature and it isn’t a pretty one.

“A stuffed hand that moves, is it a toy?”

Says the girl that moments later stamps on it and all the rest that show up and call them gross. Gray thinks she’s irregular, either a lost sheep or a demon, the fact that the hands did nothing to her yet she went out of her way, whilst also moaning about having to be fast, to step on them all shows a lot more about her.

Again the ghost of Eddie shows up to question what she was doing, asking why she didn’t try to be compassionate about them. He tells her that she is basically self absorbed and does things only for herself and that everyone she knew or will know including Zack will end up suffering at the end of their lives.

It is kind of scary how the further back down she went the less human she became. She had always been this blank void of a human going up but as she went down she didn’t care as long as she saved Zack. Truth is though was she trying to save him because she cared or because he was the only person allowed to kill her? Either way it become clear she was being selfish and she neither cared about who got in her way or what she had to do in order to do what she felt was the only thing that mattered.

After getting down to Danny’s floor and realising he didn’t have medicine there so going on further down to Zack’s floor we then get a proper flashback of what just happened to Zack when he was little and just after he’d killed his caretakers. I mean it was super sad that he’d found a old guy that would look after him but it made a lot of sense that he’d go after people who were all happy and smiling after he found the people that killed the old guy all happy and smiling just after they’d killed him.

Over all Zack has become a much more human character even though the monster in the title was apparently him. He isn’t really, he’s a product of a broken home, abuse and loneliness. Killing someone didn’t really help his need, his need probably is something much more normal like having someone to love and care for him and there is a chance that will be something that turns this from a fun little run around with psycho’s killing everyone to “love will save the day” as most things seem to turn into.

For me all the love in my body was restored when after being upset that Danny wasn’t on his floor he shows up at the end threatening Zack.

Of COURSE Danny is going to use Zack to do whatever is the next step in Rachel’s story. I was so sad that he was over and done with in such a short period of time but we’ll finally get to see some more fun from everyone’s favourite psycho doctor.


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