Overlord III : A Handful of Hope

Chapter 8

“Hitonigiri no Kibō”(一握りの希望)

So a bunch of Workers tried to explore the Great Tomb of Nazarick and have come up… Short isn’t even the word for it, they just all died or if they haven’t been killed then they’ve been taken away to be tortured, even those killed seem to have been taken away to become undead.

That is what you get when you mess with Nazarick obviously.

It continues on its dark path and Ainz is in no mood to make friends with anyone.

Later in the episode he talks about being hunters but he isn’t really a hunter. He knew these people had no chance and would die by his hands, he played with them a whole bunch too, it felt like he blamed Demiurge a little but he could have made the deaths swifter and regardless of that half of the reason he went along with it seemed more to do with strengthening himself, like he said to one of his victims, which is just selfish. It is like playing with your food before eating it then making out that it was honourable to play with it before eating it.

Different side to Ainz who was also very unhappy with them lying to him.

In the end though it is building up to him having a huge claim over Baharuth, he wants someone to apologise to him or else he’ll wipe the entire city out, he sent Mare and Aura to deliver the message which was seen by the Emperor and they managed to wipe out everyone around them in a mere blink of a eye. If that isn’t scary enough to have the Emperor of Baharuth kneel to him I don’t know what else will have that effect.

It is actually pretty funny though when you compare what he’s doing with Baharuth to what he did with Re-Estize. Even with Momon being around in Baharuth he’d rather just wipe them out then anything else, maybe he’s bluffing a little I don’t know I still haven’t re-caught up with the other episode that might make all of this clearer to me. It just seems like he’s striking out at this particular area and they are suddenly going to become extremely vulnerable if Re-Estize decide THEY still want to go to war with them. They’ll be being hit by Nazarick and by Re-Estize.

I like the Emperor though and hope he doesn’t die by the end of the season because I’d quite like to see him vs the sadistic princess to be honest.

Another good episode, specially with the way Ainz treated Arche. It was barbaric and horrific and actually surprised me a whole lot. Really thought it was clever.

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