Happy Sugar Life : What the Sugar Girl is Made Out Of

7th Life

“Satō Shōjo no Genzairyō” (砂糖少女の原材料)

Shouko might be in danger. Honestly he very much might be. She’s on her way to Satou’s after declaring her love for her and she might just be the next victim of Satou’s strange world…

Well I guess that Shouko was never in much trouble, Satou takes her to her aunts flat and when they get there the police are also there. Her motivations seem to have been to put off Shouko with a problem in her life even if it isn’t the big secret in her life.

The teacher who had been stalking Satou phoned the police because he thought Satou was about to share their secret, of course like probably a lot of people watching thought, he was sure that she had made him dispose of the body of her aunt. That just isn’t the case though and we are introduced to exactly why Satou is messed up in the head.

Her aunt is a bit of a strange one ain’t she?

I think she’s a mixture of just about everything. Her version of love seems to be to let people do whatever they want to her, Shouko mentioned that she sounded kind but she also sounded strange, and that was it all over. It was a unnerving episode if I’m honest, that whole there is such a thing as being OVERLY nice was painfully made apparent with the aunt just being there in our faces being over the top with everything she did. When she basically assaulted the police officer, driving him to nearly smacking her before getting him on the floor and mounting him, I cringed more then when Asahi had his nails pulled off in the episode before this. It was uncomfortable to watch but whilst I hid behind my hands with the Asahi thing, eyes and nails being the two things I can’t stand to see anything happening too, I couldn’t take my eyes off of what was going on in this episode and hardly took a breath whilst it was going on either.

By the end of the episode we learn that Satou is actually living in apartment number 1208 with Shio so she was never going to take Shouko there, Shouko who now thinks that the big secret is that Satou’s aunt is crazy and who couldn’t say anything afterwards so is now only Satou’s work friend which is going to probably lead Shouko to hating Taiyo, and with the end END of the episode I guess we can conclude whomever the artist in room 1208 was, who took Satou in when she didn’t want to go home, is going to be the person in the bags. For whatever reason he or she will be the one that is dead so that Satou can live with Shio.

Very uncomfortable to watch but so fascinating at the same time. It just gets more and more dark the longer we watch it and I’m pretty terrified to find out what happens next to be honest.

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