Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : Who Are You?

Episode 7

With a name like that I’d kind of want to learn more about Rachel but there is a chance we’re just being introduced to a new character which isn’t too bad either.

It is a race against time though to save poor little Zack.

So we have ended up in some creepy… Place. Obviously. It kind of has a church like feeling, a lot of writing showing up in blood like effects on walls telling Rachel to accept her sins, confess, find the true herself and so on and so forth.

There is a lot of purple gas so I was guessing that she was being drugged up the entire time, I say this because it was like a drug trip and I don’t really get how it would be achieved otherwise. I mean so far other then the crazy things the killers have done there hasn’t been anything particularly supernatural about the entire thing so far so it feels more like she’s been put into some sort of dream then it was really happening.

It was a wonderful episode though. The colours being used, the contrast of the red to everything else, just the fact that every single place she ended up was something out of some Gothic type nightmare. Some hints of Phantom of the Opera, organ music…. It was just crazy but so beautiful at the same time.

I said in the last review that it felt like this was more a journey to force Rachel to know herself, in a way to make her fit into this world after hiding who she is. With the entire “it might seem black but you made it black” stuff it made my assumption that her glimpse of a flashback wasn’t entirely true feel more solid.

Gray, the guy in charge of Church Floor, is pretty damned cool.

So after travelling up all these episodes Gray tells Rachel she has to travel back down, just with him drugging her and making her stop to do “tests” on each floor it isn’t going to be as easy as just finding the ways to turn the elevators on.

With Cathy gone those who need to repent are apparently roaming the floor, this means in her drugged state she see’s a bunch of prison zombies, I’m pretty certain she isn’t really seeing them and this test is all about seeing who she really is.

Who she really is I guess is someone who will murder a bunch of faceless people, people who might have been there for innocent reasons, in order to help Zack.

In other words I’m still convinced this test is just to tell her what we’ve kinda guessed from the beginning and since she decided she wanted to be dead and all the hints that Daniel gave us which is that she’s a murderer herself.

Shit is about to hit the fan obviously.

Gray is awesome.

Poor Zack.


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