REACH Wrestling – The Second Coming Preview

So on October 7th REACH Wrestling will be back for their second show at the School of Creative Arts (only roughly 50 tickets left so go get them) so lets have a look at what they have in store for those who are going…. And I might be if my bloody passport doesn’t sort itself out.


Honestly think this will be a great match.

Grayson Reeves had a great match at Episode 1 whilst PJ didn’t… I don’t see it being a long match and I’m guessing we’ll possibly get Jason King getting involved at some point to further their feud, but I think it’ll be good. Grayson doesn’t do comedy well the small amount of times I’ve seen him attempt it, I’d like to see a bad ass Grayson like we did down in CPW just take no crap from PJ but yeah. I think it’ll be a good match.

My prediction for the match, as I’m not going to be around the week before it so I might as well do both in one, is PJ winning after either a DQ due to Jason King or miscommunication between King interfering and Reeves. I know I’ve put a lot into Jason King being in the match but it depends on the type of Grayson Reeves we’ll be getting and I just don’t think they’ll have PJ lose until he loses to Jason King.


I’ve seen two matches with Beano in, after his Chaos match I was really excited to see more of him, after Episode 1 I just don’t really care. If I was going this would be the match I would want to come on first, fully behind Josh Knott who just won the year long contract in Episode 1.

Again I would like to see something with Adam Flint to further a story between him and Knott, after he won the match last time which I didn’t think was going to happen I really don’t know whether or not I want to bet against Josh Knott ever again so I won’t.

Beano is good but I think making the person who now has a year long contract look good is more important UNLESS Flint gets involved and costs him the match. As I’m CERTAIN that will happen in PJ vs Grayson and probably completely wrong about that I don’t think it’ll happen in this one so I’m 100% behind Josh Knott.


I can see this being the main event, I don’t have much to say about it because I’ve seen Ryan vs Grizzly before and it is always, ALWAYS, a fantastic match. If it isn’t the main event it is going to steal the show no matter what. It really is just going to be amazing.

If you are on the fence about going this is the match you’ll want to go see. Grizzly is so under rated, he’s just extremely good.

Hard to predict to be honest, never bet against Ryan at home but also Grizzly is just a big, angry bear and will murder anyone in his way.


Another match which is going to be doubtlessly worth the price of the ticket alone. I’ve never seen Rees before WoS but he’s been amazing with Sabian in the tag team stuff, Andrews is, again, ridiculously talented and I think these two will be one of the best matches of the night but maybe not one that is talked about as much. I think it is one of those matches that is on the card for the pure wrestling content and they can blow your mind AND THEN be kind of forgotten in the shenanigans and crazy stuff in other things but I think this will be a really decent match.

Hard to predict but I’m going to go with Andrews.


For me this is a weird match up. Was really impressed with White but didn’t see his next match being someone like Riley, it’ll be a interesting one for sure. Again Riley is wonderful and he is one wrestler that it is hard to ever imagine a poor match being had with him in it but I also don’t know if they would work together.

Funnily enough it is the one match I’m actually gutted I’m going to miss. I just think it’ll either be a mind blowingly brilliant match or a bit of a odd one. I really liked Brendan White in Episode 1 and I thought he looked fantastic too plus I am just a Riley fan girl and love every Riley match I watch.

Honestly think it’ll be good.

Prediction is Riley. Just yeah.


It looks like a really good show. I’m devastated I’m missing it, not as devastated as I will be if I actually end up going to the show because my passport doesn’t get sorted before my holiday.

Ryan/Grizzly is probably going to be the match of the night but I kind of hope Riley/White is for some reason.

I don’t see them building many stories in this show, PJ/King probably will be moved on and maybe something with Knott and Flint seeing that Knott knocked Flint out of the Battle Royal after he thought he’d won. I’d kind of like to see SOMETHING building out of it other then those two things but I don’t know what else. There possibly is another match I’ve missed but I’m pretty useless.

Episode 1 was the perfect debut for REACH and I really think that they are going to blow it out of the water again. If you are missing it, like me, you are a fool unless you’ve spent £400+ on a holiday to Benidorm. IF I am there then you can never be a bigger fool then a idiot who spent that much on a holiday and then waited over a month for their passport to arrive just to be told that something went wrong and you need to do the application again when you only have a few weeks left till you are meant to be going.

Enjoy everyone!

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