Overlord III : Butterfly Entangled in a Spider’s Web

Chapter 7

“Kumo ni Karame Rreru-chō” (蜘蛛に絡められる蝶)

With a information dump in the last episode I’m hoping we look at one of the strands of story and follow that instead of flashing through a bunch of different stories again. I am quite interested in seeing what happens with the Workers and what in general happens to Foresight.

So we have intruders in the Tomb of Nazarick and the Tomb is ready for them.

There was a lot I liked about the episode but what I loved about it was that we got to see a darker side to the Tomb as well. Like the guy who fed his two guys to his family and the torturer who I don’t even ever want to go back too. People just dying and being tortured, there was no hope at all and it just felt kinda bad for all those guys who were just doing their job.

If you ever forget because the main demons next to Ainz are stupid, pretty and kick ass cool that the Tomb is dangerous then this was the reminder that we don’t even know HALF of the things that live there and what they do.

There isn’t much more to say about the episode to be honest it is better to be watched. Even if you never watch another episode just watch this one because it is really good and really different. Like the tone has shifted down so dark from before and it isn’t like it is always a lighthearted romp around the world either, the Carne Village stuff was dark in a completely different way. This was DARK dark. It was horror story dark.

What I will say is I think it was a bit of a problem to have such a information heavy episode before this one, I feel like there should have been a bit of a disconnect between this story and the last episode. I know it is my own fault for blanking out bits in the last episode but it just felt really heavy and whilst I picked up a bunch of information from what I was reading at the same time whatever the hell is going on with them allowing intruders into Nazarick went over my head.

OF COURSE it makes sense that they’d want to test themselves even though they know that they are probably the strongest people in the world right now.

Plus we got to see more of the Tomb which is brilliant.

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