Inu x Boku SS : Ayakashi Hall Walk Rally

Episode 4

“Ayakashi-kan Wōkurarī” (妖館ウォークラリー)

Ririchiyo and Soshi have finally made a contract and two new people have moved in.

That’ll make for a interesting episode.

Watanuki and Natsume are absolutely crazy.

One of them is a Tanuki and the other one is a descendant of a hundred eye demon. Natsume is the SS agent and hundred eye demon whilst Watanuki is a angry little Tanuki who wants to fight Soshi for once calling him cute.

I love that the death match seemed to be them walking around getting signatures, it was hilarious watching Rensho tease Watanuki and him getting all pissed off.

The detail going into characters I have a feeling will never be seen again was amazing. Like we’ve seen a few of them in the background before and its interesting that we’ve now seen all these crazy people. Its broadened the world of the apartment building and given us a small but fun look at the larger picture.

Natsume is instantly just a character I enjoy. I get it, he can see everything so he understands people. His speech to Ririchiyo about how she has to talk to people more and the only way to get better at socializing is to hurt and be hurt can be seen as him having a dark side but at the same time its obvious it wasn’t. Its good advice and the truth but it wasn’t delivered in his usual over the top way.

Honestly think he’s the best character in the series.

Watanuki’s love story with Karuta is already more interesting then Ririchiyo and Soshi, it was sweet how he had gone away to be stronger for her and that he brought her back treats.

As for Ririchiyo the irregular heartbeat stuff was just stupid.

Again its obvious that its the subtle way to show she’s falling in love without her noticing it, she goes straight for it being a health problem which I liked because a irregular heart beat is more likely to be something to do with you being ill then because a guy who very obviously is a people pleaser, as was seen in this episode, is doing just that to her.

Plus how old are all these characters meant to be? Have we been told and I’ve just missed it because it hit me just how old Soshi and Nobara seem compared to Ririchiyo yet both seem to want to sleep with her. It was talked about in the last episode how Ransho seemed to be older then he is because of the way he looked but everyone else seems to be “childhood friends” yet their ages look vastly different. I don’t believe that Watanuki could have been a childhood friend of any of these people as he looks like a child himself right now.

Not that it stopped me enjoying the episode it was just something their talks of being childhood friends made me realise.

Like how old in comparision to Ririchiyo is Ransho? So when we see the flashback to them being children and her writing that letter to him how old is she to him because he looks young. Is Ririchiyo and Karuta, who are in the same class, just drawn to look a lot younger then they are?

Don’t answer any of those questions as I know very well that I just need to google it, just didn’t want to google too much as I always get spoiled.


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