Happy Sugar Life : We Revolve Around the Moon

6th Life

“Watashi-tachi wa, Tsuki no Mawari o Mawatteiru” (私達は、月の周りを回っている)

Shouko knows. Well she knows but she’s in denial at the moment and has to come to terms with what she has been told by a obviously deranged Taiyo. She’s about to encounter Asahi though so she’ll hopefully want to help.

Bad Shouko. Bad.

She’s also in love with Satou so that is another ally in the search for Shio down, she doesn’t bother to try and hit her with what Taiyo says to her it seems that Asahi’s, who we’ll come to in a moment, declaration of love for Shio in a brotherly way and his determination to not be too late finding her moved Shouko to declare her undying love for Satou and wanting to be part of her life…

As in the fact she’s kidnapped the sister of Asahi like Taiyo said but at the moment Shouko doesn’t believe she has done… Or maybe she does. Either way I’m pretty sure she’ll be dead in the next episode seeing that Satou is taking her home to meet Shio which can’t be a good thing. Can’t be a good thing at all.

I like Shouko as a character until that moment, it built up and up and I thought she was going to confront Satou about the Shio thing but then she came out with being in love with her, even if she just meant in a best friend way, and moved Satou to being afraid? To actually feeling she can trust her? I don’t know but it felt a bit disappointing that she kind of just accepted things.

Away from that we got the full story on Asahi, the only bit missing is just after he met his mother after she ran away. She left with Shio at least 5 years prior, his dad wasn’t just abusive he was a loon himself, telling Asahi after his mum left that he liked beating him because he didn’t cry like his mum and then removing all of his fingernails. The dad is now dead but whatever happened… Happened. That probably isn’t a story that Asahi will be telling us though it’ll be Shio’s when she remembers it.

To be fair it explained a lot. It explained about the vows and why someone like Shio would know them and be saying them and made them much more innocent then they looked originally. It explained why Shio is the way she is, she’s too young not to be blanking these things out, it also explained why Asahi is the way he is.

I don’t really know how it’ll go down if he ever finds out that Shio is with Satou but it’ll be interesting to see if the years of abuse made him more compassionate or more likely to lash out. After all we know that Satou herself seems to have been mentally abused by her aunt in some form or the other, or maybe even just witnessed her aunt being abused so has a totally distorted view of the world, we also know in reality abuse at a young age can make people unstable. Asahi is a loose cannon but I doubt anything he’d do to Satou would make him a good guy in the eyes of Shio who at least right now can only see what is in front of her.

I worry for Shouko.

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