American Horror Story : Apocalypse – The End

Another year and another season of AHS, this time the entire world has ended and we get to spend time with some of its only survivors.

This series has a big crossover as well with returning cast members playing old characters, the promotional posters had old locations revisited and Sarah Paulson is playing triple duty with a new character as well as two returning characters. How lucky are we for that?

For me it was the typical AHS opener, as in it was brilliant and got my hopes up that this season might actually be good all season long. There weren’t as many story lines running through it, it focused on this one outpost and how the people in charge had kind of taken over it in their own way. Whilst the regular cast are important it seems like we’ll be focusing on Timothy and Emily, two young people who were chosen by the Cooperative because of their DNA. The two of them hit up a romance even though they are struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Of course they do. What would AHS be without love and romance?

The setting of Outpost 3 is pretty cool, very Gothic and dark and whilst not much really happened the fact that Venable and Mead are dangerous as hell came across perfectly and the situation they are all in was made to look pretty dire.

Maybe a little lost on someone who plays FallOut though, I’ve seen people much more moved by it then I have been and that is probably because I kept waiting for something to do with a shelter to happen or a Super Mutant to walk up to the gates.

I liked Paulson in the role of Wilhemina Venable mainly because she was just horrible and didn’t have to move her face from either a scowl or a smirk, the only two emotions I think Paulson gets out very well in this series. I still could never buy her as a good guy, I’ve still not watched the end of Cult because the thought of her “winning” in any situation made me sick to the stomach before we’d even got that far into the season and I’m hoping that Michael Langdon who strolled in to the compound at the end to announce he was going to judge who was worthy of going to a more secure location doesn’t pick her.

Not that it matters seeing both Cordelia Goode and Billie Dean are back this season anyway.

Both Kyle Allen as Timothy Campbell and Ash Santos as Emily kind of disappeared into the crowd a little, the focus might have stayed on what their characters were doing but so far their characters have been too bland and their story too boring for me to care. Of course when you pair them up with Evan Peters at his, nearly, most flamboyant as hairdresser Mr Gallant, Leslie Grossman doing pretty much the same thing she did in Cult as her new character Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt and Kathy Bates being a bad ass as Miriam Mead it is hard to even muster a single care for the two characters who are probably gonna end up being saved and probably going to have sex at some point and upset Venable.

Joan Collins was absolutely amazing as Evie though and I loved how no nonsense she was and just took everything on the chin.

I think it’ll be better then the last couple series, I don’t really know how they are going to managed to bring in all the witches and the murder house people without making it really convoluted but it’ll be interesting to see what does happen there.

Overall a good start I guess.

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