The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 2

The mystery continues, we follow Marcus as he starts his own investigation into what happened back in 1975…

It will be a hard investigation and the proof of that is when Marcus starts to talk to the police officer about whether or not he thinks it was Harry Quebert that actually did it and got a fill in the blanks reply.

What I mean by that is now that they have a suspect, which they never seemed to have, they are filling in blanks with Harry Quebert and making it make sense. Whilst it all CAN make sense it also is such a vague case that ANYONE could possibly be put into that position.

Whilst everything Marcus learns kind of points to him being able to have done it for me it is too clear cut still.

Same car model was seen at the crime scene, she was found in his garden with his manuscript which he apparently wrote about her, he is acting dodgy himself with getting Marcus to burn his stuff and just the way he holds himself.

Again that itself will fill in a lot of gaps, he’s obviously very shifty when talking about Nola and his relationship with her and therefore looks even more guilty.

Why would anyone bother looking for anyone else if it is so obvious that it is him?

I’m not too sure though. In episode 1 I kind of wondered where this would go because it DID seem so obvious, now I’m wondering who would want to frame Quebert and obviously my first thought is the first person I think we’ve been given reason to suspect OTHER then Quebert and that is the father.

Marcus goes to his home to talk to him, we learn that he works in his garage and turns his music up so didn’t hear the screaming coming from his house, the music though wasn’t loud enough that when Marcus knocked a few times on the garage door he didn’t over hear it.

PERSONALLY another obvious side to this that the police WON’T be able to see because Harry refuses to tell them that he was going to run off with a 15 year old is that her father MIGHT have found out that she was going to run off. They argue, she runs off either just to run off or to warn Harry because her father is going to confront him, the motel has a path to the beach which would make sense to where she was running TO GET to Harry but maybe she realised her dad was following so double backed to the house with the woman who was killed, after hurting Nola and realising that he was now in the wrong and with all the emotions and stuff he kills the witness and tries to take Nola with him but accidentally kills her in his rage framing Quebert because… Well obviously you would wouldn’t you? The guy who was the core of all this.

Questions the police could never ask themselves are things like if Nola was happy enough at home why run off with Quebert in the first place?

He was obviously a very famous person in the eyes of the town he was in, Nola was 15 and if they did love each other then waiting a few years to make something official doesn’t seem like a terrible idea, even just waiting till she was a little older to run away seems a smarter idea then just running away at 15. Quebert does seem to let his emotions take control but I think he is smart enough that he would have thought this through a little more if there wasn’t a reason that Nola NEEDED to escape. The manuscript being on her person isn’t weird either, the one that was burnt was apparently the original, if this was a second draft or just one that maybe Quebert wrote for Nola then her having it on her persons the night she was going to run away with him doesn’t seem that weird.

Of course that could lead to her maybe not having liked the manuscript and wanting to break things off with him. It wouldn’t explain the apparent shouting at her house though.

Again all of this is stuff that the police can’t even ask themselves about though because they don’t know, and unless Marcus tells them will NEVER know, that Nola was actually about to run away with Quebert.

It was such a good episode and it had a fantastic appearance from a grumpy Ron Pearlman trying to convince Marcus to write a novel about the Harry Quebert stuff. It really got me thinking what actually has gone on and what really happened to Nola, I think we need to get to know Nola a lot more before we can figure out what happened to her.


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