The Purge : What is America?

With a successful film series comes the TV show. One night a year American’s are able to do whatever they want, we join a few different people on the build up to The Purge.

We get a look at a interesting cross section going into this Purge. A couple trying to use their connections to gain what they wanted and end up in a New Founding Fathers party, a business woman and her team, a brother trying to find his sister, his sister who is trying to sacrifice herself to join her parents and obviously all the people surrounding them. The ambitious people, the crazies, those who want to take their yearly frustrations out on those who can’t afford to be protected or who are sick enough to also be out on a night like that.

As I guess you could expect from the first episode of the season we didn’t get to see the actual Purge night itself but instead the hours leading up to it. Each character we’ve met are interesting in their own ways and it slowly built up some underlying drama with all of them.

For me the brother and sister are probably the more interesting characters. Miguel is a marine trying to find his sister who had it seems had a abuse problem but left the center she was in to join a group who want to be Purged. Their parents died on the first Purge and she wants to join them. Miguel himself is so far the most compelling character even though he just falls into the normal action role, kidnapping people and storming places trying to find clues to where his sister is.

As the night progresses I can see their stories being much more interesting then the others.

Jane, the business woman, has put out a hit for someone, she’s actually working on a secure level in her office so as long as they allow her to go back into the office then her story is going to be about the person she’s sent out to do her dirty work, that or there will be some drama with her and the two people fighting for a job below her. I just don’t see it being that interesting to me.

The couple, Jenna and Rick, mainly seem to have rich people problems they themselves have created for themselves. They slept with the daughter of the guy they are trying to get financing from and they don’t agree with the politics of that family. It seems that at least Jenna has more feelings for the daughter then she probably should and I just don’t find a coming out story that interesting or someone having a affair. They just don’t seem like a pair I could feel empathy for or care for their troubles.

As a huge fan of the movies I look forward to what they do given a TV setting. Whilst the first episode wasn’t the best it was also very eager to introduce you to a few different characters with very different backgrounds, stories and motivations. There is some mystery in what is going to happen to some, some stories seem more obvious then others but over all I think it is going to be a decent look at the Purge series.


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